Video Conferencing Solutions Provider, IVCi, Shares Tips for Choosing the Best Video Wall Solution for Your Space

Video walls are a visually appealing, efficient way to display large amounts of data or high-quality videos. However, there are many options for video wall solutions. Companies should take several factors into consideration when selecting the best solution for their space. Video conferencing solutions provider, IVCi, shares tips for choosing the best video wall solution for your space.

When choosing a video wall solution, consider the following characteristics:

Size. The size of the room, the wall, and the room in general impacts the viewing experience. Companies should strive to select a video wall that is powerful enough to handle all the demands of the system without making viewing difficult.

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Color and brightness. Keeping in mind that video walls are not meant to be viewed by standing right in front of the screen, color and brightness become a factor as well. Understanding color and brightness options will help organizations predict the user experience, so they can pick the option that best conveys their content. It’s important that brightness is uniform across all the screens, and that the system has auto-brightness and color balance features so they can remain well-matched over time.

Level of maintenance. Some video walls may seem like a relatively inexpensive upfront investment, but can carry maintenance costs that make them extremely costly over time. If a video wall requires frequent maintenance, it may disrupt performance at inconvenient times. LED tiles can have a lifespan of six years or more and are very energy efficient, making them a good choice for high reliability, low maintenance, and low upkeep costs.

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Video wall controlling. Video wall controllers are necessary to manage content and displays across multiple screens. It is important to select a system that is flexible, user-centric, and enables collaboration. Many solutions can be managed with mobile and networked technology, making them a seamless fit into the other integrated pieces of a company’s network.

It is important to consider these factors when selecting the best video wall solution for your space. Ensuring that a solution is compatible with the demands of the space is the best way to set a company up for success.

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