EDRM Releases Results of Global Web and Social Media Collections Survey Sponsored by Trusted Partner, Pagefreezer

Setting the global standards for e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to release the results of its inaugural global web and social media collections survey, sponsored by EDRM trusted partner, Pagefreezer. The survey results will be released on an eDiscovery Week webinar, with a downloadable report, on December 1, 2021.

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The goal of this survey was to understand the key challenges legal professionals are facing when it comes to the collection of web and social media content for use during legal matters. The survey examined the most important data sources that legal teams contend with on a regular basis, and also explored the the biggest barriers to successful collection and use of this online evidence.

“The results of this report echo the challenges we’ve heard from customers and other industry professionals,” said Peter Callaghan, chief revenue officer for Pagefreezer. “Massive data volumes have rendered manual collections and traditional e-discovery methods much less effective. What’s needed are new solutions and approaches that are not only capable of dealing with large data volumes, but also able to facilitate collection processes that are consistent, repeatable, and reliable across a multitude of data sources.”

“Given how central web and social media content has become to everyday communication and collaboration, it’s an area that no organization can ignore. However, many legal teams are still trying to identify satisfactory systems and processes.” said Mary Mack, CEO and chief legal technologist at EDRM. “Upstream data reduction and downstream review and production difficulties make web and social collection a full EDRM challenge.”

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