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Marketers Cannot Overlook Mobile Casual Gamers Anymore!

Perception is the reality when it comes to marketing, and perception is challenging to alter once it is formed. For example, even though 203 million Americans will play mobile games regularly in 2018, most Americans do not identify themselves as gamers. Industry data proves that people of every age, demographic and household income play mobile games. Interestingly, over 20 percent of gamers in a recent study were older than 55. While 60 percent of women in another study said they play mobile games daily, 72 percent of women…

Eight Trends in Commerce and Digital Marketing to Look Forward to in 2018

Criteo is Asking Marketers To Make Friends With Alexa, And Explaining Why More Brands Are Looking To Share Data Criteo's direct relationship with advertisers and publishers enable them to keep a track on the changing pulse of the commerce and digital marketing industry. They share their 8 big predictions of 2018: The Battle for Video Possibilities for new programmatic video ad inventory will emerge as ad breaks are inserted into more content. The Rise of Voice Shopping Brand managers believe that voice-activated…