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Resolving the Ecommerce Identity Crisis

By requiring logins for purchases, ecommerce platforms gain access to some of the most valuable first-party data in the ecosystem. Even after a single purchase, ecommerce platforms know a lot about an individual, from where they live to what kinds of products they prefer to what brands they prefer and general inferences on the socioeconomics of households and individuals. This knowledge enables a great deal of effective loyalty and retention marketing, particularly via email and direct mail. But as it relates to a person’s…

Criteo Reinforces the Power of Mobile Devices and Omnichannel Strategies in Driving Sales

Consumers In-App Shopping Habits Surge: Criteo's Q4 Global Commerce Study  Reveals Shopping Apps Generate 67 Percent of All E-Commerce Sales on Mobile Devices In their latest report, the leading commerce marketing technology company -- Criteo, has revealed that global advertisers saw almost 50 percent YoY increase of in-app transactions, climbing to 46 percent in Q4 2017. Criteo released the findings from its Global Commerce Review for Q4 of 2017 that analyzed shoppers' activities, behaviors, and preferences across all…