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The ‘C’ in Customer Experience (CX) Means Consistency

Modern Customers Are Buying Not Just Products, but Also the Experience. This Has Changed the Entire Paradigm of Doing Business in CX-Focused Markets Where Stakes Are Higher Than Ever Before In the modern era, the inexorable rise of Customer Experience has pushed the bar higher in Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce. The biggest challenge faced by marketing professionals lies in delivering connected and smoothly concerted experiences to a whole new generation of customers that expect instant solutions, round-the-clock…

Conquering Customer Expectations at Oracle MME17

Impact, innovation, and inspiration - 3 factors you are going to run in to at any of the 4 pillars of Oracle's Modern Marketing Experience event (MME). Don't take my word for it, check out last year's highlight video above. MME is the place to experience all the technology and expertise of Oracle's leading marketing cloud. Create a superior brand experience. Truly understand and personalize your customer experience. Use data and analytics to inform every action and touchpoint. Make the most of your marketing technology…