The ‘C’ in Customer Experience (CX) Means Consistency

Modern Customers Are Buying Not Just Products, but Also the Experience. This Has Changed the Entire Paradigm of Doing Business in CX-Focused Markets Where Stakes Are Higher Than Ever Before

In the modern era, the inexorable rise of Customer Experience has pushed the bar higher in Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce. The biggest challenge faced by marketing professionals lies in delivering connected and smoothly concerted experiences to a whole new generation of customers that expect instant solutions, round-the-clock customer service, access to personalized content, flexibility and ease of adoption, regardless of their device, geography and expertise in handling technology. Today, you are not just selling an experience, you’re also selling consistency — consistency in meeting expectations through connected data, experiences and intelligence.

What does Consistency Mean to Modern Customer Experience Professionals?

Modern consumers can no longer be defined within the native definitions of customer services that were not so long ago segmented into business-to-consumers (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B).

Today’s digital marketing landscapes are defined within a complex hierarchy of digital experiences offered across offline-to-online and online-to-online channels. These segmentations have brought in a new lease of life to how marketers deliver seamless, personalized, and immediate experiences to customers across channels, platforms and timelines. A clear message is reflected not only in the way customer journeys are transforming every day but also in the evolution of modern marketers who are adopting a smarter approach to customer experience to map these journeys.

When we speak of delivering consistency in CX, we should keep in mind these universal expectations revealed in various customer conversations:

  • Customers Rise. Customers Vanish. These dynamics depend on the quality, relevance and context of experiences.
  • Trustworthy, fast responses are at the center of good experience for any business, irrespective of their size, legacy and the market share.
  • Innovative content marketing using data, technology and intelligence help to build powerful messaging and universal communication in O2O channels.
  • New O2O technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Live Chat, Voice Search, AI-based Search and Facial Recognition are part of the expanding group of CX technologies.
  • The damage done from a bad CX can only be repaired with human intelligence and technology innovations, powered by data, AI and trust.
  • CX should come with the least hassles; even if it means providing millions of touchpoints and tons of product information to customers to decide what’s best.

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Research has shown that there is no single, true definition of Customer Experience. The various forms that CX takes over the course of the customer journey depend on multiple factors. However, all CX professionals would agree that the effort to build genuine customer relationship using CX depends entirely on managing “consistency.”

The cost of failing with inconsistent CX is rather high. You could identify being slow, unresponsive, unavailable or incapable of adaptation as the clear indicators of inconsistent CX.

How to Ensure ‘Consistency’ is Central to your CX Offering?

Need for speed is the obvious chase every marketer is making in the CX race.

In order to ensure consistency of CX, marketing teams should be taught and given demonstrations with reasons and proofs. It’s the mission of CX professionals to show why it’s not so much about customer loyalty as it is about a brand’s loyalty toward each customer.

In a recent interview, Ann Handley, a leading MarTech Influencer, Keynote Speaker and CX Expert said, “Customer service is reactive — you’re often dealing with an issue or a problem or a customer who needs something. Customer experience, meanwhile, is proactive: It’s about reaching and delivering excellence to your customers every step of the way — both pre- and post-purchase.”

A brand’s loyalty toward customers could reflect in these:

  • Personalization of services, via chat, call, search and email
  • Fast, smooth, simple and context-based end-to-end journeys
  • Blended interactions across the web, social media, email, mobile and digital advertising
  • In-store experiences
  • The connected commerce (the next-generation of CX is on the way already)

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Where Could You Witness and Learn More about CX at Play?

By now, you may have understood about CX at play. And, what consistency in CX could mean to a Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams? However, it would still require you to spend time with CX luminaries, technology experts, partners, and peers who will share their knowledge and help you achieve great results for your company and your customers.

In the upcoming global event for Modern Customer Experience professionals, the Modern Customer Experience 2019 presented by Oracle, attendees will witness the various elements that bring technology and human intelligence together in building a truly seamless CX.

Consistency Revealed by the Winners of The Markie Awards

Apart from attending back-to-back keynote sessions and workshops from leading CX professionals and tech experts, you can also network with The Markie Awards’ finalists.

The Markie Awards epitomize the art and science of O2O marketing, championing others who have made one thing clear: delivering a consistent CX across Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce.

The Markie Awards 2019 will honor CX teams and companies with the following awards:

Consistency, That’s Going to Take CX to the Next Era of Superintelligence and Innovations

To cater to a mass market of customers from various age-groups, every CX professional must learn relevant, disruptive technologies such as AR, VR, AI, Chatbots, Voice, Machine Learning and Superintelligence.

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To stay relevant and have a head-start in the CX race, businesses need to build out a digital infrastructure that allows Marketing, Sales, Service and Commerce teams to execute increasingly complex functions at will and to solve problems for irate customers. If you are at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019, you have already taken your next steps to respond to the bullet-train expectations and prepare for next-gen technologies.

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