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Data Privacy Day: Selected Quotes and Insights from the Industry Leaders- Part 2

Part 1 of the Data Privacy Day Quotes Series featured interesting quotes and insights from technology leaders. We will continue the story here in Part 2 and in Part 3, respectively. Last month, Sourcepoint announced the launch of an OTT compliance solution. It was created as part of its ‘Consent Everywhere’ commitment. This enshrines Sourcepoint's commitment to capturing consumer privacy preferences within Connected TV environments. We found an instant connection between Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas' insights on Data…

Is This the End of the Data-By-Stealth Model?

GDPR may be an EU regulation, but its enforcement is having a global impact on privacy awareness and, in the process, exposing the business model underpinning Big Tech’s data economy. We now know that Facebook and Google, in particular, have deployed stealth strategies to collect personal data. Until now, we’ve hardly noticed, but GDPR has shone a spotlight on this highly profitable business model. From cookies in browsers to mapping social media behavior, trawling personal contacts, tracking where you go and even what…