Data Privacy Day: Selected Quotes and Insights from the Industry Leaders- Part 2

Part 1 of the Data Privacy Day Quotes Series featured interesting quotes and insights from technology leaders. We will continue the story here in Part 2 and in Part 3, respectively.

Last month, Sourcepoint announced the launch of an OTT compliance solution. It was created as part of its ‘Consent Everywhere’ commitment. This enshrines Sourcepoint’s commitment to capturing consumer privacy preferences within Connected TV environments.

We found an instant connection between Sourcepoint CEO Ben Barokas’ insights on Data Privacy preferences and how it impacts the whole OTT environment.

Ben Barokas, CEO and Co-founder, Sourcepoint says –

“As users become accustomed to accessing content anywhere, at any time, media owners need to take responsibility for understanding consumers’ data privacy preferences. And OTT and CTV is no exception. Sourcepoint can support all environments where users consume content – from desktop, to in-app and OTT, helping to provide a consistent and streamlined user experience in an age of privacy awareness.”

“We recognize the opportunity for connecting consent and identity to provide friction-free Omnichannel consumer experience. This can allow publishers to better know their audience, and for advertisers to better reach the audience that they want.”

Security, Compliance, and Consumer Privacy at the Epicenter of Your Business

Anurag Kahol, CTO and co-founder, Bitglass, says –

“Given that most companies are entrusted with consumers’ personally identifiable information (PII), they represent an attractive target for cybercriminals. Organizations must stay vigilant, be aware, and get a handle on the security of their data. Placing security, compliance, and consumer privacy at the epicenter of your business with a proactive security strategy can help address individuals’ privacy concerns and cement their loyalty in your brand.”

Application Vendors Will Architect HA and DR Into Their Core Solutions

Frank Jablonski, VP, Global Marketing, SIOS commented –

“Application vendors will endeavor to deliver greater value and higher reliability by integrating core High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) features into their solutions. Most applications today require the customer to provide these protections separately, and most organizations do this for all their applications with a general-purpose HA/DR solution. With HA and/or DR built into an application as a standard feature, customers will be able to simply deploy it on any platform in a private, purely Public or Hybrid Cloud environment.

This will be especially beneficial for smaller organizations that normally lack the expertise or resources needed to implement and operate configurations capable of eliminating all single points of failure. For Cloud-native implementations, the application vendor will want to take full advantage of the resiliency afforded by the Cloud’s multiple availability zones and regions.”

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