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How Affiliate Marketing Is Shaping E-Commerce

Who does not like a recommendation when it comes to a purchase decision? And if that comes from a trusted source, it does help to sweeten the buy. At the core, Affiliate Marketing is the e-commerce version of product promotion through an online influencer/marketer and has helped many a brand to connect with audiences, who they would otherwise not reach. In the context of the brand’s digital strategy, the impact of affiliate marketing has led to a flourishing e-commerce sector especially in the Asia Pacific region – which…

Analytics Ventures Launches New AI Venture Dynam.AI

Dynam.AI Taps Time-Series Data to Create AI Models Tailored for Customers Analytics Ventures, a fund dedicated to creating and building venture companies that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), publicly recently unveiled Dynam.AI, a company focused on helping organizations of any size, stage or industry maximize the potential of AI. Over the course of 18 months, the Dynam.AI team has built a suite of AI algorithms and tools that can now be adopted by organizations worldwide seeking best-in-class, rapid…