Analytics Ventures Launches New AI Venture Dynam.AI

Dynam.AI Taps Time-Series Data to Create AI Models Tailored for Customers

Analytics Ventures, a fund dedicated to creating and building venture companies that harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI), publicly recently unveiled Dynam.AI, a company focused on helping organizations of any size, stage or industry maximize the potential of AI. Over the course of 18 months, the Dynam.AI team has built a suite of AI algorithms and tools that can now be adopted by organizations worldwide seeking best-in-class, rapid deployment of artificial intelligence.

AI is the next industrial revolution, and many businesses have acknowledged the value of applying AI solutions to business operations. In fact, in a recent global survey of more than 3,000 business executives, 75 percent said they believe AI holds the key to new business opportunities, and 85 percent see AI as a distinct competitive advantage. However, despite the excitement and general willingness to innovate, more than half of all companies lack an AI strategy and the proper execution approach —a significant barrier to entry. Backed by a world-class team of domain experts, including leading data scientists and researchers, developers, user-experience designers and software engineers, Dynam.AI will play an active role in closing that gap.

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“Adopting AI and integrating it properly into business processes can be daunting. Many companies have access to data and are able to articulate a business need as it relates to their data, but they lack the talent or access to the right AI solutions to make it all come together,” said Dave Ferrell, president of Dynam.AI. “By introducing Dynam.AI to the marketplace, we’re connecting companies with proven AI tools that can be tailored to their business environment. Companies will greatly benefit from the speed of delivery, cost efficiencies, reduction of project risk, and most importantly the most optimized results.”

With its proprietary set of AI algorithms, Dynam.AI offers organizations the ability to solve real-world business problems in the areas of prediction, forecasting, detection, and recommendations. Common applications where these algorithms have shown superior results include pricing and inventory optimization, forecasting resource requirements or market trends, and maximizing customer conversions. Detection capabilities enable early identification of machine failures or maintenance needs, behavioral risk, non-compliance behaviors, and reinforcement learning for process control and optimization. The recommendation engine provides businesses, such as online content publishers or advertisers, a competitive advantage by optimizing content, incentives, and other user-focused offers such as maintenance plans.

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“Working with Dynam.AI has enabled Empyr to tap into industry-proven AI algorithms and expertise from a deep bench of data scientists,” said Jon Carder, CEO of Empyr. “Leveraging Dynam.AI’s recommendation engine tailored to our needs allows us to offer a superior product to our customers in a fast and efficient way.”

“Analytics Ventures has a proven track record of incepting and growing new ventures in AI. By adding Dynam.AI to the firm’s portfolio, we’re fortifying our already-strong roster with a brand that will transform and redefine the application of AI for all businesses,” said Andreas Roell, managing partner, Analytics Ventures. “AI opportunities exist in every industry, from healthcare and advertising to education and energy – the potential is limitless. Dynam.AI was formed as a way to provide accessible solutions to corporations that recognize the potential of AI for their business.”

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