Vilua Launches Recommendation Engine Feature In Vilua+, Their New Proactive Wellness App

The latest feature will provide personalized recommendations to help end users take ownership of their current and future health.

Vilua is pleased to announce the launch of the Recommendation Engine feature in the new Vilua+ app. Vilua+ is a proactive wellness app designed to help users take control of their physical and mental health and to enable enterprise-level businesses to have a positive impact on their populations’ health.

The app launched in May for both Android and Apple i0S users. Now, Vilua is fine-tuning the innovative suite of features. The Recommendation Engine will use AI to provide personalized health improvement tips to end users from millions of data subsets.

Vilua+ guides users through their current and probable future health and provides recommendations on how to stay healthy. After completing Vilua’s Health Index questionnaire, they will get a health value and an accuracy score. Then, the Recommendation Engine will send behavior-change prompts; for example, how to improve one’s sleep routine, or ergonomically optimize a work area to maintain good posture.

Designed to improve overall health over time and motivate users to take positive action, Vilua’s Recommendation Engine will help people predict and avoid health issues long before symptoms present. Unlike most other health and wellness apps, Vilua+ focuses not just on the present but also the future health state of the user – much like a weather forecast.

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Therefore, the Recommendation Engine is integral to the app’s optimal functionality and positive health impact. The prompts remind users to stay on track to achieve their personal health goals.

“We’re excited to roll out this new, innovative feature,” Vilua’s Chief Executive Officer, Rick McCartney, said. “The Recommendation Engine is just like a choose-your-own-adventure book; you could choose one path and increase your score, or you could take an alternate path and lower it. Seeing the direct impact of your daily choices on your predicted future health is a powerful motivator for positive change.”

While Vilua allows individuals to interact with and benefit from the Vilua+ app independently, the company also partners with enterprise-level businesses to make employee health benefits more effective and positively impact as many people as possible.

Employers who use the app can gain valuable population insights into the health issues affecting their employees and take steps to support them as a collective. True to Vilua’s company values, personal data will remain private and anonymous at all times.

Please visit the Vilua website to learn about the health improvement app that is transforming how individuals engage with and take ownership of their health. Download the Vilua+ app from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

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