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3 Considerations for Marketers as AI Becomes a Reality

With the recent spin-out and rebrand of IBM’s Watson Marketing platform to Acoustic, many marketers are reflecting on their current and future approaches to Artificial Intelligence. Acoustic’s messaging will likely resonate with marketers as many have been burned by a growing tech stack and are looking to regain focus. As marketers explore what AI can do to help them increase revenue, the research we’ve conducted at TOPO highlights three key considerations to have top of mind. Centralized data is now a necessity All…

Interview with Ilan Kasan, CEO and Co-Founder,

"Successful reps will soon work alongside an AI-powered bot that helps them make better decisions while focusing on the high-value opportunities."Tell us about your role at and how you got here. What galvanized you to co-start an AI-driven technology company for marketing and sales? While I am the CEO at, Yaron Ismah-Moshe, my co-founder, and I run the company. All major decisions are taken jointly. I am responsible for marketing and sales and Yaron is responsible for the product and R&D. We both…