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Top Twitter Competitors for Social Media Marketing

Founded in 2006, Twitter has grown rapidly, providing a platform for sharing and receiving news in a quick and timely manner. With well over 340 million tweets being sent in a day, half a billion tweets per day and a valuation of 16 billion dollars, all we can say that Twitter is one of the world’s biggest and powerful social media networking and news site. Additionally, all these features of this social media platform are also leveraged by marketers and business owners for creating effective social media strategies to…

Skorr, an AI-Based App, Unveiled for Social Media Marketers and Influencers

Skorr Empowers iPhone and Android Users with Fact-Based Insights into Their Social Media Influence and Overall Effectiveness Today, we witnessed the launch of the Skorr app on Apple iOS Store and Google Play. In an era of social media turbulence, Skorr, empowers individuals to take control of their social media presence. The Skorr app measures, monitors and verifies social media behavior to help individuals safely navigate social media channels and increase their influence and effectiveness. Developed to the highest…