Skorr, an AI-Based App, Unveiled for Social Media Marketers and Influencers

Skorr Empowers iPhone and Android Users with Fact-Based Insights into Their Social Media Influence and Overall Effectiveness

Today, we witnessed the launch of the Skorr app on Apple iOS Store and Google Play. In an era of social media turbulence, Skorr, empowers individuals to take control of their social media presence. The Skorr app measures, monitors and verifies social media behavior to help individuals safely navigate social media channels and increase their influence and effectiveness. Developed to the highest standards of data security and privacy, Skorr has been crafted to appeal to the most demanding users of social media to help them grow socially and safely.

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Currently, Skorr aggregates and analyzes content across six major social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, and YouTube. 

Unlike traditional ranking and influence measurement systems, Skorr delivers insights based on sophisticated, data-driven technologies and patent-pending algorithms, including sentiment and emotion analysis, natural language processing, link analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The result is the most holistic and fact-based view and control of an individual’s influence, behavior, and personality on social media available.

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The three main pillars of Skorr’s approach are —

Measurement: a comprehensive index of a spectrum of factors that impact influence and effectiveness on a user-specific level, resulting in a 1 to 100 Skorr index;

Monitoring: an intuitive and reliable dashboard that provides a snapshot of aggregated performance indicators, its evolution over time, as well as a robust post analysis tool;

Improvement: an automated, data-driven ability to help users refine and manage their specific use of social media as well as expand their influence

Using more than two dozen data points, the Skorr app gives users a familiar 1-100 rating of their current influence based on their specific demographics, as well as their posts’ impact and contextual interpretation.

At the time of this announcement, Miguel Caeiro, CEO of Skorr, said, “Social media has removed many barriers to frictionless communications but it also introduces a lot of challenges in terms of validating influence and developing meaningful conversations and relationships. Skorr takes a very fact-based approach to understanding what is being said and its impact on peoples’ digital communities.”

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Miguel added, “We offer new levels of insights and control in a very user-friendly app that will have appeal to all types of individuals, from teenagers who want to compare and compete across their peer groups, to I-branders, influencers and small business owners who want to develop more effective digital marketing strategies.”

Skorr’s proprietary machine learning analytics then develop user-specific influence analysis and tips to guide users to more effective and impactful conversations on any of their social media channels. Intuitive optimization tools will refine their guidance as they learn more about a user’s behavior and context.

“Social media influence measurement hasn’t kept up with the times, and previous generation tools lack both the technological sophistication and cross-platform reach that are required to measure influence accurately,” said Tony Poulos, Managing Editor at Disruptive Asia and Skorr board member.

Tony added, “Skorr is built for today’s digital communications reality. Nothing like this – focused on individuals – exists today. It will become the new standard for measuring social media influence and everyone will soon be asking “What’s Your Skorr?”

The company behind the app is headquartered in Lisbon, Portugal with a global presence in North and South American. Founded by a team of data science, marketing, and social media experts, Skorr has several patent-pending innovations driving its app. Its investor and advisors include successful entrepreneurs and veterans from AI, telecoms media, and marketing sectors.

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