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Glassbox Distances Competitors by Patenting Its Technology for Recording Web Sessions

Glassbox, the leading enterprise Digital Customer Management solution provider, announced that a patent for its technology to record web sessions has been approved by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent for “Systems and Methods for Recording Web Sessions” covers a proprietary technology in Glassbox’s digital customer management platform that records both client- and server-side, providing global enterprises with an evidential 360-degree view of their website and mobile app. Server-side website session…

Protecting Your Brand with Trademark Registration

Entrepreneurs starting a new business face many risks - from raising capital, to building a customer base, to establishing a brand. But did you know that not protecting your brand could potentially be one of the biggest risks? As Executive Product Owner for, an all-in-one trademark research, registration, and watch tool, I’ve seen countless cases of entrepreneurs losing their hard work due to trademark infringement and copycats. When building a business, it's imperative to properly research, secure and…