7 Key Questions To Ask Hybrid Event Tech Partners

JUNO, a transformational digital experience platform that connects people at events and creates 365-day communities, knows the challenges facing event professionals today can be overwhelming. Hybrid events in particular are creating challenges along with the vast opportunities.

Presenting to virtual and in-person audiences simultaneously can reap great benefits for organizations with members who rely on them for networking connections, education and business growth. The sheer number of connection opportunities increases when the audience overall increases and can access each other across the digital and face-to-face channels. Education and commercial interactions with exhibitors and sponsors can be maximized.

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It’s possible with the right technology.

“Seek a hybrid events technology partner that will help your team explore the possibilities,” says Dana Freker Doody, VP, Marketing & Communications for JUNO. “A partner with more robust capabilities and experience will help shape the user experience for all audiences.”

The future of work and events is migrating to a digital-first mindset. The infusion of technology into every aspect of our daily lives means all events are hybrid. A mobile app is ideal because of the prevalence of devices.

Here are seven questions event organizers should ask their event tech partners about how their software helps serve hybrid events. Dig deep to really understand how the technology connects people to each other, to content and to experiences across the three environments: virtual, in-person and hybrid.

  • Does your digital platform allow for interaction between onsite and online participants?
  • Does your platform create exhibitor matches across environments?
  • How are digital poster halls structured and displayed online and onsite?
  • Does your companion app help those attending in-person find better matches?
  • Can cohorts or teams be set up to perform challenges across in-person and virtual?
  • Will your app support introverted learners onsite with chat and Q&A?
  • Does your solution support future needs in our organization-wide digital strategy?

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