B9 Exchange Launches the New Domain Name b9.Com to Serve Global Users and Lead the Industry in a New Landscape

B9 Exchange launched a new domain name b9.com. Users from different countries and regions will jump to the specified customized service interface. B9 is the world’s leading blockchain technology service provider, established in 2021 and headquartered in Canada. As a leader in the technical service track, B9 has undergone repeated polishing and now has mature product lines such as digital asset trading systemsand wallets, and has built an industrial closed loop of technical services-traffic-commercialization.

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Original super password, better security guard. Adhere to independent control of assets and attach importance to user privacy. Assets are safer and transactions are more transparent.

Faster and more economical user experience, the pursuit of ease of use and efficiency. One-click management of digital assets and easy management of multiple sets of addresses. Convenient, worry-free, safe and fast.

Original process memory matching technology, high-speed processing with high concurrency of tens of millions of users, ultra-efficient matching engine, lightning order.

Simulated market data is synchronized with the real market data, helping beginners to get started with contracts and leveraged positions, helping growth with zero cost and zero pressure, and the real market operation is guaranteed to win.

Innovative entertainment gameplay, [Chain Tour Hash] real-time query of blockchain hash value. Open and transparent.

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