iiProo Versus Facebook & Instagram

The Canadian social networking platform “iiProo” has the potential to defeat Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms in the next year or two.

We all know Facebook and Instagram, and they are pioneers in the field of communication and connecting people together.

But the new Canadian company called iiProo is not lacking in anything but instead has the ability to trounce Facebook and others in the next year or two.

What do Facebook and Instagram offer to people?
Nothing but posting posts that no one will see without paying for ads, liking posts, and simply sharing all these companies offer.

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What does iiProo offer?

1- The platform offers everything to its users, such as effective publishing that does not need ads. Once the talent user publishes, the post will be seen by all users of the application, and this is what we are working on to give users what they need.

2- The platform also provides financial support by making followers of the talented to provide financial support to those they love, as this is also an opportunity to get money while doing what the user love on our platform.

3- Users can express their opinion, whatever it is, and no one will ever stop them. In addition, many people will know what Talented users like and what they want to say.

We do not attack anyone, but we show the world how we have spent years researching and analyzing to provide such a platform and a place for everyone who was not merciful in life and to everyone who was bullied on these platforms. We want to change the world into a place thriving with talent and make it a better world than it is now and contribute to supporting all forms of life and helping everyone who needs help.

The platform is currently under testing, and we will let the world know when it is ready as soon as possible.

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