Representing a significant leap forward in the capability of touch interactive collaboration software, global visualization technology leader MultiTaction announced the release of Canvus 3.0 from their Finland headquarters. Since its introduction, Canvus has come to be recognized as the world’s most advanced software for dynamic multimedia presentations and hands-on visual collaboration in offices, classrooms, and other meeting spaces. Now Canvus 3.0 is putting even more power into the hands of users while further simplifying user interaction.

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With this release, MultiTaction introduces key functionality to meet the evolving needs of today’s organizations and connect teams like never before. “Canvus 3.0 supports the new ways of working being adopted around the world and enables the often spontaneous nature of collaboration inviting input from many perspectives across a company, while sharing the progress and insights generated from those sessions in a very organized way,“ said MultiTaction CEO, Ari Rahkonen.

During a collaboration session users can now easily email an invite to offsite meeting participants with Canvus installed, allowing them to instantly join the session for real-time annotation and touch interaction like they were in the same room. While any user can still walk up to a video wall and start a Canvus session, now individual users and teams have more ability to share and control who can access their saved content. Managing access and editing rights for different groups of users across the entire organization is now possible from a single dashboard.

Delivering a range of other new capabilities including single sign on, streamlined laptop interaction, and simplified configuration for remote-touch interaction, 3.0 further solidifies Canvus as the world’s most powerful, customizable, and easy-to-use interactive visualization software. Whether using Canvus together with a state-of-the-art MultiTaction optical-touch video wall or using it with standard touch devices, version 3.0 puts the full limits of the human imagination at the fingertips of users and gets in-person and remote teams onto the same page for more intuitive and productive collaboration.

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