Everflow Chooses Precog To Power Its Advanced Marketing Analytics Service

Everflow, a performance marketing analytics company, has selected Precog to help power its performance marketing solution.

Everflow, a performance marketing analytics company based in Mountain View, CA, has selected Precog to help power its data integration service that powers its performance marketing solution.

“Everflow is at the forefront of delivering an integrated analytics solution to companies to help them understand their marketing,” said Jeff Carr, CEO and Co-Founder of Precog. “Combining data from different sources is at the heart of their offering — that’s where Precog delivers.”

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According to Carr, building comprehensive analytics on data from Shopify, WooCommerce, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, HubSpot, Google Search Console, and other marketing platforms used to take a team of data integration engineers. Precog eliminates the need for manual effort and automates the delivery of analytics-ready data from any sources. Replacing a very manual process with a fully automated solution has an outsized ROI.

“Precog changed the game for us,” said Sam Darawish, Everflow’s CEO. “Instead of grueling data integration work, Precog offers a “connect and go” experience — this allows us to reallocate resources to our product and our customers.”

Darwish is quick to point out that this is a benefit to him but also to his customers.

According to Everflow customer Venkatarama Cherukupalli, VP of Data Intelligence at GiddyUp, Precog delivers on the “dream of simple data architecture that is roaring across the world.”

“Getting access to data from new sources usually takes days,” he said. “Suddenly, you can focus on your unique business value rather than maintaining and expanding a complex network of data pipelines. Data loaders aren’t good enough — they are slow, miss important fields, and, more importantly, they can’t get the data you need. Precog solves all these problems, keeping your warehouse up to date with all the data you need and making the ELT dream a reality.”

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