ConvergeOne 2019 Corporate Net Promoter Score Rises to 72

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ConvergeOne, a leading global IT services provider of collaboration and technology solutions, announced that its 2019 Corporate Net Promoter Score has risen to 72.

ConvergeOne’s 2019 Corporate NPS is two points above its 2018 NPS of 70, and eleven points above its 2016 score of 61. The 2019 score maintains ConvergeOne’s placement in the “Excellent” NPS category, which only a select group of customer-centric companies are able to achieve. In the IT services industry, the average NPS—as reported by ClearlyRated—is 24, which means that ConvergeOne’s score is three times the industry average.

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ConvergeOne has also instituted Transactional NPS scoring by asking the NPS question within our Customer Satisfaction Survey process. ConvergeOne’s 2019 Transactional NPS year to date also exceeds 70, emphasizing our commitment to serve as a true partner to our customers, ensuring a great experience and a successful outcome with every interaction.

“I am extremely proud of ConvergeOne’s industry-leading Net Promoter Score. It is a testament to our commitment to delivering consistently excellent experiences and building lasting customer relationships. We truly value our customers, and we are delighted to find that they share the sentiment,” said John A. McKenna Jr., Chairman and CEO, ConvergeOne. “We are well-positioned for continued growth and success in our industry, and we look forward to maintaining and exceeding our high quality of service in the spirit of continuous improvement.”

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Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a global standard for determining customer loyalty and satisfaction by asking one simple question: “On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend a company to a friend or colleague?” It is calculated by subtracting the percentage of detractors (those who respond with a 6 or below) from the percentage of promoters (those who respond with a 9 or 10).

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