ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX) Announces Success of Cookieless Data Connected Marketplace

Achieving 2X lift in campaign reach by shifting data application from DSP to SSP

ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX), a leading SSP and end-to-end technology and programmatic solution, announced preliminary results of the EMX Data Connected Marketplace™, showcasing the effectiveness of applying data at the SSP level. EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ allows advertisers and publishers to onboard data as well as utilize data from multiple data partners including ENGINE Insights. Advertisers and publishers benefit from precise targeting, greater scale, and accurate pre-campaign forecasting, including CTV and omnichannel environments leveraging EMX’s SSP and the ENGINE Device Graph+.

The EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ is available for both managed service clients and programmatic buyers via a Data Connected Private Marketplace (PMP). This solution has been leveraged in over 150 campaigns, demonstrating EMX’s ability to offer scale and precise targeting through EMX direct supply. This solution is particularly beneficial for niche audiences and smaller regions, where inventory availability is typically low. Clients have experienced an average of 2x lift in audience reach utilizing the EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ compared to traditional data applications.

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By shifting the data application directly to media on EMX’s SSP, buyers can accurately forecast reach, scale, and price pre-flight ensuring frictionless campaign delivery. The EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ also supports buyers’ own first-party data and publishers are also able to make their data available in the marketplace.

EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ eliminates many of the pain points that have long frustrated buyers – including scale issues when applying data to PMPs and a lack of accurate forecasting tools.

“EMX’s Data Connected Marketplace is the first to offer buyers data application and forecasting tools built into an SSP. This provides greater fidelity, accuracy, and visibility in targeting, giving buyers confidence upfront that campaigns will deliver, unlike traditional PMPs that often are not able to meet delivery requirements,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of ENGINE Media Exchange (EMX).

While many traditional data applications leverage outdated data, buyers benefit from daily data updates automatically applied to all campaigns. Furthermore, EMX Data Connected Marketplace™ is not reliant on cookies and provides a holistic cross-channel solution.

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“We’ve already been to the cookieless future – and we like it better there,” said Zacharski. “EMX’s Data Connected Marketplace offers advertisers the ability to build campaigns with more efficiency and scale targeting niche audiences in CTV and all omnichannel environments.”

As an independent end-to-end programmatic solution, EMX has invested in creating technology that solves key issues that have challenged the industry. Historically, private marketplaces have been owned by DSPs and built on cookies, requiring triangulation between data platforms, SSPs and DSPs. After expanding its CTV offerings and going entirely cookieless this year, EMX has moved the data application to its own SSP.

EMX partnered with a direct-to-consumer brand to successfully reach key audiences in an end-to-end cookieless CTV funnel branding campaign. The campaign broke KPI records from branding to purchases by leveraging unique audience data at every stage of the campaign – from targeting to optimization to measurement. By leveraging EMX’s Data Connected Marketplace™, combining proprietary data, direct publisher supply and ENGINE Device Graph+ powered solutions, the campaign achieved a 2x return on ad spend and a 234% increase in conversions.

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