The Importance Of Programmatic Messaging Is Rising In The Healthcare Industry

By: Stephen Hoelper, President, North America, Doceree

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the use of programmatic messages being shared by pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations. With digital advertising spending in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry rising to 9.53 billion dollars last year, programmatic communications are reshaping the landscape of interactions between brands and healthcare professionals (HCPs). In the highly regulated healthcare sector, accurate and trusted information is vital for life sciences companies to advance the programmatic ecosystem. Thus, the validity of shared content is of the utmost importance when serving messages to HCPs. Hence, informative communications have become prominent to advance programmatic efforts in the category to deliver high-quality educational content in the healthcare space.

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Life sciences companies are qualified to provide informative content

Digital interactions on point-of-care channels have developed greater opportunities for life sciences organizations to spread knowledge with customized content pertaining to an HCP’s specialty. With the usage of telehealth platforms at a reported 38 times the pre-Covid-19 levels, automated communications need to be readily available to prescribers as they treat their patients. Therefore, life sciences brands must position their organization as a trusted resource that provides HCPs with the most insightful messages about drugs, product research and therapies to broaden their expertise to better tend to patients. With a deeper understanding on symptoms that can be alleviated and acumen on the effective dosage being communicated by a reliable source, the programmatic messages will bolster the impact of digital point-of-care channels. As the most qualified organization to distribute informative communications about their drugs, life sciences companies can use programmatic campaigns to amplify the educational assets that businesses can raise awareness about within the healthcare space.

Effectively connect with physicians while they are conducting research and networking

For physicians, conducting research and networking with fellow HCPs is constant in their profession. Life sciences brands are at the forefront of the evolving programmatic category and focus on sharing content on endemic and point-of-care networks. When HCPs have their attention on research materials to diagnosis and treat patients, these channels are valuable resources to aid medical professionals. To maximize the impact of programmatic campaigns in the healthcare spectrum, the messages need to resonate with HCPs. So, exchanges with prescribers while they are in the medical mindset will drive awareness and how it can best assist their patients. A message delivered outside of an endemic or point-of-care medium when a physician is browsing the news or shopping online won’t capture the same level of consideration. Further, the content may be missed completely because it wasn’t delivered on an appropriate platform when medical professionals are most receptive to receive educational messages.

Contextual messages help physicians become more knowledgeable

 Programmatic solutions enable pharma marketers to deliver hyper-targeted messages to HCPs. So, contextual placement of content is key to deliver optimal outcomes. The relevance of a message served on an eRx, EHR or telehealth channel has the potential to significantly drive connections with physicians when delivered at ideal moments while they tend to their patients. With AI-powered platforms capable of identifying those moments and examining the data sets, contextual content provides meaningful messages to assist prescribers. With life sciences organizations being the most informed about research and therapies for their drug, the insight from the company guides messages at pivotal moments when the education of HCPs can be elevated to better advise their patients. By pairing the informative messages with comprehension data sets about an HCP’s prescribing behavior and their patient’s circumstances, programmatic content hits the mark to elevate the health outcomes for patients.

Improve the development of a treatment plan

With relevant messages pertaining to a prescriber’s specialty being delivered across endemic and point-of-care channels, HCPs can formulate a treatment plan based on the programmatic messages received. A data-driven approach pairs life sciences companies with a more comprehensive understanding of a physician’s behaviors to identify their usage of therapies to improve a patient’s health. While physicians are navigating digital channels learning about the latest research on drugs, therapies and studies pertaining to their practicing medical field, the deployment of automated messages raises the support to HCPs. While prescribers are formulating their treatment plan for patients, life sciences brands can connect with HCPs to inform them about industry developments as they communicate the optimal methods that will be the best steps for their patient’s treatment. With the first-hand research, then programmatically deployed messages can enlighten physicians about products and their area of expertise. Therefore, HCPs can advise individuals on how to proceed and drive medication adherence for the treatment by gaining ample knowledge on how to achieve the optimal health results.

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The evolving programmatic technologies are going to be instrumental to further uplift its usage in the healthcare industry. Its use during the pandemic showcased the successful nature of automated content to boost communications with prescribers. While programmatic tactics are still in the early stages for the healthcare sector, new advancements will push the industry forward to enrich the communications life sciences companies establish with HCPs.


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