Enterprises Turn to Digital Business Providers to Deliver Hyper-Personalized Services

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ISG Provider Lens report sees enterprises focusing on providing more targeted services to both employees and customers

Enterprises across the globe are forming new partnerships with digital business service providers as they seek to deliver hyper-personalized services to customers and employees, according to a new report published by Information Services Group (ISG), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

The 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Archetype Report finds that, after a decade of digital transformation, many enterprises are interested in providing better digital experiences for employees and customers.

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“With big bets on artificial intelligence, enterprises will focus on hyper-personalized services by leveraging a partnership-based approach with providers to deliver digital services to customers,” said Jan Erik Aase, director and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research.

Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence are helping enterprises provide personalized services to end users, the report says. The goal of experience platforms and personalized services is to widen each enterprise’s customer base.

Most enterprises also are focused on automation to optimize internal processes and improve operational dynamics, the report says. The report finds many enterprises embracing robotic process automation, the Internet of Things and the cloud, along with autonomous drones and robots to optimize operations. The use of low-code and no-code applications are also on the rise, as are agile and DevOps development practices.

Providers are helping enterprises undergo digital transformation through proprietary platforms and by chalking out their digital transformation roadmaps. In the process, providers also are upskilling and reskilling their workforce to be able to deliver new capabilities. With the prevalence of the gig economy and an increase in millennials and Gen Z employees in the workforce, service providers are employing new techniques to hire and train workers.

The 2020 ISG Provider Lens™ Digital Business – Solutions and Service Partners Archetype Report examines four different types of clients, or archetypes, that are looking for digital business services. The report evaluates the capabilities of 37 digital business providers to deliver services to the four archetypes:

Targeted transformers archetype: These buyers usually have legacy-heavy enterprise IT functions with multiple disjointed silos. Enterprise IT is usually a cost center and not a value generator. These clients move toward digital transformation because of ad-hoc requirements such as an acquisition, merger, competitive reaction, geographic expansion or the need to adopt a new solution. A digital transformation program would represent a significant improvement for such organizations, but they often are not prepared to leverage this transformation through methods, processes or technology.

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Strategic implementers archetype: These customers are keen to embark on a digital journey. They typically have made digitalization their mission and seek service providers to realize this vision. These organizations are taking baby steps toward digital transformation, but do not know where to begin. They are looking for new revenue streams to achieve competitive advantage, improve customer relations and improve operational efficiency. For them, digital transformation is the means to achieve efficient governance, effective execution, and value and progress measurement and management.

Ecosystem modernizers archetype: These organizations are born digital. They are customer-centric and gain competitive advantage by using current and emerging digital transformation methods, processes and technologies. These companies often have multichannel customer touchpoints and are focused on using IT to increase revenue rather than just reduce costs. The focus on increasing revenue is the major driver behind their strategy, coupled with improving flexibility, agility, competitive positioning and speed of reaction to competitive pressure. These customers are comfortable with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding, user micro-service creation and continuous development.

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Disruption embracers archetype: These customers are interested in adopting niche technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D printing and are innovative by nature. Such organizations are intrinsically geared toward digital technologies and innovation and cost considerations have a limited role to play in their business visions. Such companies have high R&D investment and are keen on collaborating to develop next-generation innovative solutions. Disruption embracers want to partner not only with service providers but also hardware vendors; they look for holistic partnerships that can help them in their journey toward innovation.

Among the providers ISG evaluated, Cognizant, HCL, Infosys and Wipro were named leaders across all four archetypes, while Accenture, Atos, Capgemini, DXC Technology, IBM, Mindtree, TCS and Tech Mahindra were named leaders in three. LTI and Zensar were named leaders in two archetypes, and Fujitsu, NTT, Softtek and Trianz were named leaders in one.

A customized version of the report is available from Mindtree. All providers identified as leaders or rising stars have the opportunity to highlight their leadership position on their websites.

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