New Study Shows How Successful Marketers Are Turning Data, Tech, And AI Into A Competitive Advantage

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Effective utilization of data and AI correlates to significantly greater ROI and improved operational efficiencies.

Blueshift, the leading Customer Data Activation Platform, announced the results of a new study, “Marketer vs. Martech in 2020,” conducted by Kelton Global, an independent insights and strategy firm, on the challenges marketers are facing with their tech stacks when executing marketing strategies.  The study shows what successful marketers are doing to overcome the myriad of tech roadblocks that stand in the way of improving customer experience and exceeding business goals. As marketers are only as effective as the data and technology that they have, it is important to understand where martech fails, and how to fill these gaps for future growth.

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Key findings from the study include:

  • Most marketers can’t deliver real, cross-channel personalization… 95% of marketers don’t personalize at the 1:1 level.
  • …even though tech stacks are full of data (that doesn’t get used… 36% report “our marketing department spends more time collecting/distilling information than executing against it”
  • …but a select few are driving growth by turning data, tech, and AI into a competitive advantage… 81% of marketers using AI/machine-based learning for personalization report exceeding revenue goals by at least 30%.
  • …and this will become the new standard. 98% of marketers who use AI/predictive modeling tools report marketing improvements, and 60% of marketers plan to increase their use of AI in the next 12 months, including 41% of those already using AI.

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While most marketers are aware that technological roadblocks are a huge factor in growth challenges, Blueshift wanted to gain a deeper insight into their root causes. The study sheds light on how these challenges develop, as well as their solutions and the impact those solutions could have on businesses in the coming year.

“Consumer behaviors are constantly changing and marketers need to be able to make and execute against decisions at the same pace,” said Josh Francia, Blueshift’s Chief Growth Officer. “Our study with Kelton Global reveals how sophisticated technologies are needed now more than ever, as these platforms allow marketers to keep up and bridge the gap between existing customer data, tools, and processes. The report findings make it clear that in order for marketers to win and exceed their goals they need to: unify their data, integrate AI, and invest in technology that’s built for scale.”

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