Introducing Domain Names With Integrated Services, a Revolutionary Concept by .Tube, the Domain Name of Youtubers

Open an account in Your.Tube, buy a name or point if you already own one and empower it with vanity redirect to a YT channel, Short Links and Playlist curator

TUBE Corporation, an Internet Startup that holds the worldwide exclusive license to create .TUBE domain names, announced today the launch of a platform that will transfigure the domain name industry by giving the owners of .TUBE names three powerful tools that assure usage, renewals and target millions who have never purchased a domain name before.

The platform is called Your.Tube and it delivers to all .TUBE domain names, new and existing, a set of tools that potentiate their functionality and make them a powerful instrument for the distribution, marketing, and promotion of video-related content.

“People don’t need empty domain names; they need full solutions”

— Rami Schwartz. Founder and CEO

The three services attached to every TUBE domain name are:

1) One-click redirect to a YouTube Channel (Vanity domain)
2) A like tool specialized in videos to create short links to individual videos or a specific minute within the video and
3) A like tool to curate a mini playlist or channels using videos already on YouTube

“People don’t need empty domain names; people need full solutions” said Rami Schwartz, Founder, and Ceo of Tube Corp. “We were forced to develop tools around our domains because the traditional model for selling domain names does not deliver for new TLD’s. The market does not perceive any advantages to owning a domain with a different termination, so we must incorporate new benefits to the domain names and sell them as part of a broader solution”.

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“Since the launch of the new TLD program by ICANN, dot com has increased its domain base by more than 35 million while all the rest of the other 2,000 terminations combined don’t even reach 27. The program originally designed to counter the monopoly of .COM backfired, “dot com is no longer the standard, now it’s much worse, it’s the “gold standard,” said Brooks Hex, a domain investor who lost a small fortune investing on domain names other than .COM. “People rather have than and I think that is because ICANN has failed to promote the domain space it created”.

Another problem beyond the low rate of adoption is the lack of usage. Less than 2% of all the domains with new terminations are used; 98% are either parked, for sale in the secondary market or simply inactive (source: Upon expiration, the lion’s share of domain names bought the previous year get lapsed. TUBE confronts that problem by offering a domain solution youtubers can implement in seconds and see results in minutes. When something is useful and valuable, the likelihood of them being used, promoted, and renewed increases exponentially.

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TUBE domains do not have to be purchased from Your.Tube, domains purchased from any other registrar can be pointed to and are automatically enabled to reap all the functionality of the tool. This is another big change in the domain industry, domain name services offered directly by the registry, complementing those offered by the registrar.

The last game changer is branding. TUBE is the only commercially available TLD that has a USPTO trademark for classes, 35, 38, 41, 42, 44, and 45 related to media, advertising, and internet registration services. What this means is that if a company owns a brand to the left side of the dot (i.e., Kelloggs®), then the domain name® automatically becomes a branded internet address and not simply a domain name. No other commercially available TLD can offer this additional layer of trademark protection, not even mighty .COM. In today’s world, establishing and protecting a brand identity is of paramount importance, and by placing a brand name in the domain name of the videos, users will have no doubt that the videos come from a trusted source.

Integrating services at the registry level introduces a major revolutionary concept to a domain name industry. .TUBE continues in it’s quest to add value to and create benefits for its clients.

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