Launchmetrics Releases Dedicated Brand Decisioning Platform, Insights, Exclusively for Fashion, Luxury & Cosmetics Industries

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With it launches an interactive microsite dedicated to the Insights100 — a selection of brands and influencers such as Gucci, Cartier, Fenty Beauty, Chiara Ferragni and Tati Westbrook, to provide a comparative benchmark, through the efficiency of machine learning, and offer an analytical vision on the impact that marketing investments have for brands within the same segment

In the race to reach today’s digitally savvy consumer and stay relevant, brands are facing more challenges than ever before. Siloed KPIs and a lack of industry standards make it difficult for brands to identify which marketing strategies are most effective and benchmark performance against their competitors – until now. Launchmetrics — the leading Marketing Platform and Analytics Solution for Fashion, Luxury and Cosmetics professionals — announced the release of its new brand decisioning platform, Insights by Launchmetrics, designed for decision-makers and C-level executives who seek to better arbitrate marketing investments in order to maximize brand impact and measure the evolution of their brand equity against that of the competition. With it launches an interactive microsite dedicated to the Insights100.

“The challenge for brands is not having an accessible, global view of what’s working, which hinders their ability to adjust strategies in real-time. Insights by Launchmetrics will transform the way executives approach decision-making and give them the ability to leverage our unique data asset to quantify every marketing and PR action,”  said Michael Jais, CEO of Launchmetrics. “Using our proprietary Media Impact ValueTM algorithm, executives can assign a monetary value to these activities to measure their performance and see which investments help build brand loyalty, as well as how they benchmark against competitors.”

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Insights is an interactive, prescriptive tool that allows business leaders to access dynamic dashboards and industry benchmarks to compare their results against their top competitors’. By utilizing the company’s audience-driven MIV® algorithm, brands will be able to understand how their marketing and PR efforts impact their brand equity across different Voices, channels, media types, time periods and regions, as well as easily assign a monetary value to those activities. Launchmetrics’ proprietary Machine Learning algorithm was trained on real media rates and 5+ years of FLC specific campaign data. It analyzes more than 100 quantitative and qualitative attributes including audience engagement, industry relevance, source authority, and content quality, to create a highly accurate method of measurement. MIV provides brands with a unified currency to measure the impact of their marketing mix and which strategies create the most ROI.

Developed by Launchmetrics’ team of data scientists, Insights leverages a comprehensive data set comprised of:

  • Online Media: 21 631 320 (21 Million) articles per month
  • Social Media: 231 237 960 240 (231 Billion) posts per month
  • Print: 1.1M print pages analyzed per year representing more than 5M brand mentions
  • Influencers: 200K key opinion leaders
  • Entities (Brands, Retailers, …): 13K profiles

Leveraging Launchmetrics’ innovative “Voice-centric” approach, Insights highlights the Voices creating value today to provide a holistic view of marketing performance and a cross-comparison of the impact various activities have on the customer lifecycle. By analyzing Traditional Media, Celebrities, Influencers, Partners and Owned Media, this methodology gives brands a unique framework to understand the ROI of their marketing activities as well as the Voices that influence the customer buying journey from awareness and consideration to conversion and retention.

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“As a CMO with industry experience, I can attest to the challenges faced by today’s decision makers. The industry has changed quickly and the new digital landscape has made it strenuous for many to navigate and attribute budgets effectively,” states Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Bringé. “By understanding one’s Voice split as well as being able to drill down to understand the Media Impact Value of an individual action or Voice, executives are capable to quickly understand what works and what doesn’t in order to make strategic decisions that will help their teams achieve their goals and reach the consumer of tomorrow, today.”

To accompany the launch of Insights, Launchmetrics launches an interactive microsite dedicated to the Insights100 — a selection of brands, prepared by the Launchmetrics Data Analyst team to provide a comparative benchmark and offer an analytical vision on the impact that marketing investments have for brands within the same segment. The website allows visitors to discover the Media Impact Value and Voice split of brands and influencers such as Gucci, Cartier, Fenty Beauty, Chiara Ferragni and Tati Westbrook. The analysis focuses on the marketing campaigns developed by selected brands within five segments of the fashion, luxury and cosmetics industries, between the dates of January 1 and May 30, 2019.

Key Features of Insights by Launchmetrics

  • Dynamic dashboards that provide a global overview of marketing performance across Voices, initiatives & channels
  • Access to industry benchmarks to compare results against top competitors’
  • Share of Voice metrics to track the impact of marketing activities on brand value creation
  • Brand efficiency metrics to identify top performing marketing strategies & investments
  • Ability to evaluate the impact of influencers’ content for your brand versus competitor brands

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