Build an Effective Remote Workplace with an Enterprise Mobility Strategy

The global pandemic has mandated businesses worldwide to engage remote workers, with stronger internal collaboration being paramount. Are you ready to ride the wave of remote work with maaiiConnect?

Solid enterprise mobility strategies have been works in progress for leading global firms in recent years to advance productivity of distributed teams, but the current pandemic has woken them up to the fact that the progress must now be accelerated. Enterprise mobility to better connect teams, products, and customers is no longer optional; it is essential.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

According to VMware, enterprise mobility is a growing business trend that allows remote working options, including allowing employees and contractual workforce to use laptops and personal devices for business applications, including Cloud platforms and software solutions for data access.

According to Gartner, “Enterprise mobility management suites connect mobile devices to enterprise workflows while supporting the perpetual growth in device numbers and types.”

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Why You Need an Enterprise Mobility Solution?

Enterprise mobility capability has become the new imperative for companies today. As the pandemic crisis emerged, firms have been under-equipped for the speed and severity of the impact and the responses they need to action. Face-to-face business meetings have been canceled. Staffers have found themselves suddenly working from home and forced to juggle with just the multiple network tools immediately available to them, yet connectivity performance of these platforms differs. Productivity, internal collaboration, and customer engagement are suffering.

Companies need to shift to a remote working environment, but how can they quickly and successfully land an integrated communication and team collaboration solution that is robust, feature-rich, and easy to implement?

maaiiConnect is a revolutionary cloud-based digital convergence platform that provides businesses with an all-in-one solution for customer engagement and internal collaboration.

For companies, this means higher customer satisfaction, enhanced team productivity and efficiency.

With a vision to transform global communications, maaiiConnect brings together a group of experts with over 35 years of deep experience and knowledge across telecommunications, mobile, software, and security sectors. During this unprecedented time, we recognize that staying connected with teams and customers has never been more important. That makes maaiiConnect stepping up to offer businesses and enterprises a free unified communications solution, Engage Essentials, to keep business productivity up when teams are forced to work remotely.

Engage Essentials allows employees to collaborate faster, with best-in-class web calls, video calls, and conference calling. The free, web-based solution enables multi-user, multi-channel internal communication with class-leading quality, security, and dashboard management. After just a one-minute installation, the package’s website widget can unlock a comprehensive suite of communication features.

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Build a Stronger Internal Collaboration

Virtual and distributed teams today need communication tools for real-time conversations, and the ability to hold joint project meetings and view visualised data together. maaiiConnect offers a rich feature-set, delivering:

  • Crystal-clear voice calls
  • Instant messaging
  • File sharing
  • QR code calls
  • Weblink calls
  • Video calls
  • Group chat
  • Screen sharing
  • Video conferencing *

Anywhere Anytime: Manage Your Client Request Follow-up

Distributed teams are under pressure when it comes to responding to client and team progress. maaiiConnect enables shared visibility to team member and client requests, via features including visitor profile and chat history. maaiiConnect’s new features – pre-chat surveys and contact forms – also capture visitors’ inquiries and backgrounds to ensure no leads slip through the cracks.

Better team management

maaiiConnect enables stronger team management via a feature set including phonebook, and staff management that together offer availability and directory functions to better monitor staff productivity.

Secure internal communication

The platform is backed by a 24/7 industry-certified security team and suite of monitoring tools, as well as by a proprietary infrastructure and software that are 100% compliant with telecommunications and international security standards. Together, maaiiConnect guarantees you world-leading standards in data encryption, compliance, backup, and authentication.

Leading Providers in Enterprise Capability Management 

  • BlackBerry
  • Cisco Meraki
  • Citrix
  • IBM
  • Hexnode MDM
  • Huawei Mobile Office Solutions
  • Ivanti
  • Jamf Pro
  • Matrix42
  • Microsoft
  • MobileIron
  • NationSky
  • SAP
  • Snow Software
  • Samsung SDS
  • Sophos
  • SOTI
  • VMware

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