Optevo Innovation Fosters Work-Life Synergy

Optevo recently unveiled its next-generation collaboration software – robust simplicity approach to bringing structure to personal productivity and teamwork (collaboration) – one that empowers employees to get time back in their day.

“Being happier, more productive, and empowering each other to be our best selves is foundational to everything we do at Optevo,” says Co-Founder and CEO Andre Williams. “We believe this approach translates into innovation that solves for many of the modern workplace biggest pain points.”

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The New Style of Work by Optevo – Empowering people to optimize their work-life experience through innovations – Giving your workforce time back in their day to do what is most meaningful to them.

Employee experience and their work-life alignment is an integral part of any business’ pathway to success. Work-life alignment (synergy), not balance, is a vital part of prioritizing employee happiness. Optevo collaborations empower work-life synergy by reducing the number of digital tools, resources, and time it takes to get work done – thus giving people time back in their day to do what is most meaningful to them. In exchange, teamwork components are optimized, in sync, and drive a strategically aligned business – one that fosters work-life synergy to its fullest!

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“Work-life synergy is a mutually beneficial relationship between your personal and work life, where both complement the other,” says John Ackelbein, former Gartner executive and current Chief Strategist at Optevo. “Work is evolving, and our work-life synergy should too.” 

The value chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Optevo lets you focus on the basics – the things we know make a difference to people. 

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