Rackspace Technology Works with McChrystal Group to Leverage Machine Learning for Delivery of High Value Data for Survey Analysis

Rackspace Technology , a leading end-to-end multicloud technology solutions company, announced its relationship with McChrystal Group, a renowned advisory services and leadership development firm that helps organizations identify opportunities to improve their performance so they can operate optimally in today’s complex environments.

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Leveraging AWS, Rackspace Technology worked closely with the McChrystal Group leadership-development organization to transform a time-consuming and labor-intensive process that was being used to analyze surveys by implementing an automated natural language machine learning (ML) data processing solution. The team then selected the right tools and ML models to ensure the delivery of high-value data derived from processing responses to open-ended questions. The solution transformed a time-consuming and labor-intensive process using an automated natural language ML solution.

“McChrystal Group’s previous survey review process relied heavily on manual processes that were both time consuming and labor-intensive. To decrease the level of effort and time, the McChrystal Group looked to us to develop an automated natural language processing solution that would save considerable time and have the ability to identify key topics that were cropping up in the answers to open-ended questions,” said Jeff Deverter, CTO, Solutions at Rackspace Technology. “Our team was focused on how to increase productivity through the adoption of technology that would drive immediate business results for McChrystal Group and doing this expedited the results – especially when evaluating thousands of surveys which increased time to value for McChrystal Group’s clients.”

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The solution uses Amazon Athena, AWS Glue, Amazon S3, Amazon SageMaker, and Amazon Translate. The automated ML natural language processing solution enables the company to replace a time-intensive manual process that consumed considerable resources with an automated process that is significantly faster, more consistent, and replicable.

“Rackspace Technology understood our vision and displayed a depth of expertise in designing and implementing a solution that will help us process our surveys faster and more accurately than before,” said Victor Bilgen, Partner and Head of McChrystal Analytics. “Our experience working with the Rackspace Technology team gave us a lot of confidence that they would be the right partner to deliver high-quality results on the project.”

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