Five years ago, SiteSeer Technologies was launched by the founders of ROIC analytics, a consulting firm for grocery and specialty retailers seeking actionable market intelligence. SiteSeer is the creator of SiteSeer Professional site selection software and Void Analysis Pro.

SiteSeer was co-founded by Danielle Yanskey, Tom Kessler and Andy Straker. Yanskey and Kessler were the co-founders and partners of ROIC analytics. Straker was the founder of x-span results, which created the Site Decision Systems (SDS) site selection platform that was the predecessor product to SiteSeer Pro.

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Since the company’s inception, SiteSeer has evolved, yet remains an easy-to-use site selection platform that is sophisticated and offers many features. SiteSeer is simple enough for office managers to use at the direction of their company’s real estate or market research teams yet robust enough for the power user. SiteSeer is intuitive and versatile for many types of users, with new features coming online often.

Most recently, SiteSeer has introduced a new dashboard for enhanced data visualization, locational retail profiles within the Model Builder tool, a data query tool, an enhanced match score function for matching tenants with available real estate, and a winner’s profile feature to help retailers, restaurant chains and other users identify their success factors in order to create more accurate forecasts, to name a few.

SiteSeer is powered by users’ internal company data and external data sources. SiteSeer partners with many different data providers, offering shopping center data, business location and employee data, demographic data, consumer activity data, psychographic data, lifestyle segmentation data, traffic counts data, mapping and geographic data, parcel and land use data, and more.

“SiteSeer was formed at the time when two very different paradigms existed in business site selection and market analysis for retailers and other chain businesses,” says Tom Kessler, chief information officer. “Consultants provided answers and systems could help companies get answers, but results depended greatly on the skill and experience of the user. We believed that most companies wanted more control than consulting provided, but a site selection system had to be easy to learn and use. After five years we are still improving on that formula, but our mission to provide a system that meets the needs of busy professionals without compromising on quality or functionality remains.”

“Our goal has always been to offer the best decision-making tools to real estate professionals to ensure the success of their retail store and location development programs,” says Danielle Yanskey, chief operating officer. “SiteSeer provides a flexible, easy-to-use vehicle to put the power of years of retail real estate research experience into their hands.”

“Five years ago, we launched SiteSeer with the idea of transforming the existing SDS platform into a faster, more complete business intelligence tool, putting new tools into the hands of our users,” says Andy Straker, chief technology officer. “Since then, SiteSeer has evolved and that vision has become a reality. We’re excited to see where things go from here!”

SiteSeer was founded on the premise that too often, companies use “gut feel” analytics to make site decisions. A data-driven site selection platform should not be out of the reach of smaller chain stores or real estate professionals. Quality site selection requires a good process that allows one to focus on the right metrics and criteria and use their time efficiently.

“SiteSeer Pro is better than ever,” says Kessler. “We’ve introduced many new features and functions and have more on the horizon.” Contact the SiteSeer team to take a demo.

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