Solvpath’s Self-Serve Technology Meets the Demands of a Post-Pandemic World

Solvpath, a pioneer in self-serve customer support technology, announced that they have finalized their integration with the powerful CRM and order management platform Konnektive, its self-serve customer support system successfully resolved over 200,000 consumer support requests with a 71% success rate, delivering support experiences that customers ranked as good as, or even superior to, those conducted by a live customer support representative.

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“This Google age where consumers expect immediate answers carries over to customer support as well.”

E-commerce customers have been especially receptive to the huge cost savings and performance. The triumph of Solvpath’s self-serve support system comes just as post-Covid-19 consumers are demonstrating not only a preference, but an expectation, for self-serve options in customer support.

Konnektive CRM’s advanced tools and single-platform format not only renders it perfect for merchants selling high-volume, direct-to-consumer products, but also makes Konnektive exceptional for Solvpath to integrate with, particularly considering Solvpath’s fast deployment and ease of use that has shown to be key among e-commerce merchants and consumers.

Offering a range of proven support templates to choose from for handling dozens of sales funnels, Solvpath also employs a visual support channel that utilizes rich media (video, images, animation and text) to address a wide variety of complex support inquiries, allowing for a perfectly executed canned response every time.

Solvpath places a heavy emphasis on their visual format, which enhances the customer experience. Having full control of the design elements within Solvpath Studio, as well as the support flow with Solvpath’s path builder, allows for full customization.

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The emphasis on omni-channel and visual support distinguishes Solvpath from voice IVRs and other support channels in delivering a superior customer experience. The same savvy merchants and advanced customers drawn to Konnektive CRM’s effective platform are taking great satisfaction in Solvpath’s visual support experience for both the merchant and the consumer.

Solvpath’s timely technology furthermore helps merchants stay compliant with Visa regulations regarding negative option billing and subscriptions. With Solvpath, merchants can easily meet Visa’s requirement to offer customers a digital, self-service cancellation option, but not before Solvpath attempts to save the sale or continuity, offer upsell options, and more. In this way, Solvpath benefits both the merchant and the consumer.

“This Google age where consumers expect immediate answers carries over to customer support as well,” says Solvpath Founder and CEO Carl DAgostino. “We’re seeing a high percentage of customers choosing a self-service option over speaking with a live representative. Solvpath performs in line with—or in most cases, outperforms—other customer support channels, and for a fraction of the cost. It’s become less a question of why use Solvpath than, ‘Why aren’t you using Solvpath?’”