ThinkNow Launches First-Ever Cross-Cultural Council to Improve Multicultural Representation in Marketing

Wells Fargo, GroupM, and Native Tongue Communications join council striving to redefine how marketers see multicultural consumers

ThinkNow, a leading research technology company, is proud to announce the launch of its Cross-Cultural Council. This one-time think tank brings together some of the most innovative brands to lend their experience and expertise to improving multicultural marketing and advertising industry wide. The freshman class of the council consists of Wells Fargo, GroupM, and Native Tongue Communications, who will participate in a beta study of ThinkNow’s proprietary audience planning and segmentation tool, ConneKt.

“The Cross-Cultural Council is exactly what we need to ensure ConneKt delivers best in class multicultural insights needed to portray multicultural audiences accurately. We want to redefine people’s perception of multiculturalism by bringing to market a robust martech tool equipped with on-demand behavioral and first-party data and panel profile insights,” says Jonathan Saquicili, Product Manager, ThinkNow ConneKt. “The Connekt tool gives marketers the ability to make educated, knowledgeable decisions, and we are looking forward to learning and growing with them over these next few months.”

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“The Connekt tool gives marketers the ability to make educated, knowledgeable decisions, and we are looking forward to learning and growing with them over these next few months.”

According to the U.S. Census, the country’s population is expected to reach a multicultural majority by 2044, making it necessary for organizations to deepen their understanding of multicultural audiences to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace. The Cross-Cultural Council is a collaborative effort to facilitate that learning.

GroupM, WPP’s media investment group, is committed to making advertising better for people. Understanding and connecting with diverse and underrepresented audiences is an integral part of the company’s mission, and access to deeper and meaningful insights will help brands make a stronger impact in their media and marketing plans. GroupM is proud to partner with ThinkNow to bring their future-facing insights to clients and partners, which will be led by GroupM Managing Partner, LaToya Christian.

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ConneKt makes targeted consumer insights accessible on-demand, enabling marketers to optimize their marketing plans and improve ROI. “At Native Tongue Communications, we believe in a balanced approach to reaching BIPOC audiences. We continually look to build our renowned creative innovation on a foundation of data-driven analytics. Our relationship with ThinkNow & ConneKt will allow us to greatly enhance that work,” shares Marissa Nance, Founder & CEO, Native Tongue Communications.

The Cross-Cultural Council runs from July through October. The council’s insights will be used to make multicultural inclusion a priority in marketing, and ConneKt will help accomplish that. “Failing to use marketing research and consumer insights to incorporate the perspectives of diverse audiences into marketing strategies puts companies at a disadvantage. They miss out on an opportunity to become more relevant and capture a share of the fastest-growing segment in the U.S. – multicultural consumers. Wells Fargo is committed to engaging with tools that help us understand diverse audiences to ensure we represent them authentically in everything we do,” says Mauricio A. Loria, Strategic Insights & Research Diverse Segment, Wells Fargo.

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