Ubitus Introduces New Cloud Gaming Solution for Best-in-Class Experiences

With the streaming services settling in happily, it is now the gaming industry’s turn to gain a respectable space among cloud consumers. A range of online service providers and telecom firms are announcing their intentions to start their own services on the cloud gaming platform. These businesses, who have significant benefits in transforming the video game room, have a huge influence on the cloud gaming industry.

In similar news, Ubitus, a cloud gaming technology leader has announced its latest Android Cloud gaming solution that is based on the new Intel Server GPU.

Working side by side with Intel, and by implementing the Intel cloud rendering software platform, Ubitus has built its approach to taking full advantage of Intel server GPU.

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As a result, the solution can achieve a performance of up to 120 Android cloud gaming streams on an Intel Xeon Scalable platform-based server that also includes 2 PCIe cards based on Intel Server GPUs. 

This is up to two times the output benefit relative to the previous Ubitus solutions. These improvements would allow higher density and usage of GPUs and will thus significantly reduce the TCO (Total Ownership Cost) for cloud gaming customers. 

Ubitus’ PC Cloud Gaming services will also operate on the same game server, further minimizing TCO and removing the need for a separate and dedicated cloud gaming infrastructure.

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“We are proud to be an early and a key strategic partner of Intel for the new Intel Server GPU. This enables us to take full advantage of the GPU capabilities and achieve best in class performance and flexibility. With this solution, we are confident we can make cloud gaming more economically viable and more ubiquitous,” quoted Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus K.K.

“Cloud gaming providers need responsive, high-performance solutions while keeping infrastructure and operational costs low. With the Android cloud gaming solution from Ubitus based on a combination of Intel Xeon Scalable processors, optimized software, and the new Intel Server GPU, providers can deliver high-quality gaming experiences with excellent TCO,” said Lynn Comp, vice president, and general manager of Intel’s Visual Infrastructure Division.

Ubitus aims to offer its cloud gaming solution to telecommunications providers and gaming companies searching for the highest performance, TCO, and flexibility solutions.

Intel is now working with numerous product and service providers, including Gamestream, Tencent Games, and Ubitus, to introduce the Intel Server GPU to market. Tencent has partnered up with Intel to deploy the new GameMatrix cloud gaming application on a volume-based server delivering over 100 popular games. With Intel Xeon scalable processors, Tencent can now provide high-density, low-latency, low-power Android gaming solutions in an inexpensive way.

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