HyphaMetrics and Cross Screen Media Announce Partnership to Optimize Cross-Screen Campaign Measurement

Cross Screen Media, a tech firm specializing in optimized local TV and CTV ad planning and measurement, announced a partnership with HyphaMetrics, the only independent cross-screen and cross-walled garden data set in the ecosystem. Cross Screen Media will license HyphaMetrics’ omnichannel cross-device panel data to empower advertisers to more effectively reach their true audience based on definitive individual exposure data, which accounts for co-viewing of any program. It also enhances Cross Screen Media’s newly released campaign analytics solution to effectively measure de-duplicated impressions and manage frequency across linear TV, CTV, and digital video down to the individual level.

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“We are continuously working to improve our technology and data assets to provide our customers with the most cutting-edge tools for hyperlocal TV ad planning and measurement across screens. HyphaMetrics’ co-viewing data is invaluable in accurately measuring the true consumption of every program in every format, which is critical as audiences seamlessly watch media across devices,” said Michael Beach, CEO of Cross Screen Media.

Cross Screen Media’s platform enables advertisers to plan, activate, and measure CTV and linear TV at the local level. Brands and agencies benefit from unified planning with high value inventory, and full visibility into how each campaign performed across all screens.

“We are excited to provide a new and unprecedented level of granularity on individual viewing behavior to enhance Cross Screen Media’s greater marketplace impacts,” said Joanna Drews, Cofounder and CEO of HyphaMetrics. “We built our measurement system from the ground up to address the fragmentation inherent to modern viewing behavior – covering all aspects of today’s unique viewing environment including video gaming, secondary device usage, and walled gardens. The resulting data set provides a definitive understanding of omnichannel and cross-device behaviors at the individual level.”

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