LG Ads Solutions Introduces First-of-Its-Kind Suite of Guaranteed Outcome-Based Media Offerings With Third-Party Validation

Advertisers only pay for CTV and cross-screen media when their performance goals are met

LG Ads SolutionsLG Ads Solutions, the exclusive provider of LG smart TV native ads and audience targeting data, today introduced a first-of-its-kind suite of guaranteed outcome-based media offerings, through which advertisers only pay for connected TV (CTV) ads when they meet specified performance goals, which are independently validated using third-party data. Campaigns can be guaranteed across both connected TV ads or through cross-screen targeting on mobile devices and the web.

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“We’re turning the tables for advertisers, making performance not just something brands aim for, but something that is actually guaranteed”

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The Guaranteed Outcomes program ensures brands that their native and CTV video ads running on LG smart TVs meet campaign goals across a broad range of key performance indicators (KPIs). Those range from reach and frequency, demographics, video completion rates (VCR) in which buyers only pay for ads that are viewed to 100 percent completion, and conversion metrics. The conversion metrics program will begin immediately with app installs and is available globally. More conversion metrics such as tune-in, web visits, physical location visits, and more, will be available in the coming months both in the U.S. and globally.

This program delivers the first media offerings in the industry that combine a full suite of outcome guarantees, owned and operated native CTV ads, CTV video ads across hundreds of free streaming channels in both the free LG Channels streaming service and the LG content partner network, and exclusive first-party smart TV (ACR) data for advanced audience targeting. Guarantees are offered as managed service or through programmatic buys.

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“We’re turning the tables for advertisers, making performance not just something brands aim for, but something that is actually guaranteed,” said chief executive officer Raghu Kodige. “Whether driving sales, conversions, or customer acquisition, advertisers struggle to quantify ROAS for TV spend. We created this extensive program as the starting point in a new paradigm for TV-driven outcomes in which marketers are assured every CTV ad dollar hits the bullseye.”

Huw Griffiths, Global Chief Product Officer at Universal McCann, said, “Guarantees on media buys are a great step in the right direction for the industry; particularly when they are backed by third-party verification for full transparency. Being able to pay only for media only when it achieves a campaign goal is a big step toward eliminating waste and addresses a big problem for advertisers.”

Dentsu International’s Chief Addressability Officer Keith Camoosa, said, “‘Transacting on guaranteed outcomes has been a missing piece of the puzzle with CTV. Being able to pay only for media that achieves an advertisers’ specific goal is a real game changer.”

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