MobileFuse Delivers Integrated Targeting, Engagement and Measurement Capabilities; Unveils Fusion Video

MobileFuse, one of the largest in-app, CTV, and DOOH advertising platforms, announced its updated CTV targeting and measurement capabilities. Additionally, the company unveiled Fusion Video, a new CTV offering providing industry-first creative capabilities that bolster its suite of digital advertising products. Together, these updates ensure agencies and brand advertisers can engage audiences in a more holistic way.

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The MobileFuse CTV solution utilizes the company’s expertise with in-app environments, placing it in a unique position to deliver critical targeting, measurement, and attribution insights. MobileFuse’s proprietary technology stack enables clients to drive conversions and intelligently target audiences with custom data sets, or retarget desired audiences across environments, from CTV to mobile, to digital out-of-home and in-app. By weaving together insights and cross-channel targeting, the company ensures clients can execute strategic, integrated digital marketing campaigns at scale. This news demonstrates MobileFuse’s commitment to innovation, and to delivering strategic tools that help clients and partners reach their goals.

Fusion Video provides brands and advertisers with unique ad units for CTV campaigns. The ad units pull from MobileFuse’s industry leading experience in developing mobile creative. Specifically, the creative solution enhances video content with custom overlays. They also provide new opportunities for audience interaction via QR codes.

“We’re mindful measurement is top-of-mind for all brands and advertisers, especially with existing and future iOS 15 changes,” said Ken Harlan, founder and CEO of MobileFuse. “That said, it’s now table stakes for digital marketing companies to offer some form of contextual targeting with their CTV offerings. However, our solution excels as it includes highly granular audience targeting insights; specifically LiFTS, App Affinity, Purchase Data, Mindsets and more. This means our clients can have confidence in targeting efforts, and actually reach consumers on their preferred devices and channels when it’s most impactful.”

According to a recent Insider Intelligence report, CTV ad spending will reach $34.49 billion by 2025, more than double the 2021 total of $14.44 billion. Additionally, another Insider Intelligence report found that US AVOD viewers are expected to grow from 127.7 million in 2021 to 164.0 million in 2025. The MobileFuse CTV solution makes it possible to activate this growing and engaged audience, and retarget between mobile, digital, and CTV environments.

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