5G Speed: Pisofttech Releases 360 Cloud Solution to Further Boost Panoramic Live Streaming

Shenzhen Pisoftware Technology officially announced the release of a new “360 Cloud Solution” for 8K panoramic live streaming. As the industry’s first initiative, it will revolutionize the traditional panoramic live broadcast solutions. Meanwhile, the company signed a partnership agreement with Huawei Envision Hybrid Video at 2019 Huawei Connect Summit.

A Solution Showing New Direction of 360/VR Live Streaming

The requirement of complicated toolsets has been the Achille’s heel of professional panoramic content creation. Nearly all the 8K+VR live streaming solutions require multiple server equipment and software to handle data transfer and real-time stitching. The troublesome setting of multiple heavy devices as well as long hours of processing and publishing has scared many away. With Pisofttech’s cloud panoramic solution, users can easily hit the balance among efficiency, stability, and picture quality, while getting rid of the clumsy equipment and getting ready for more scenarios.

The 360 Cloud Solution integrates a base of hardware and software, a license for 8K streaming, and a cloud data package. As the core of this solution, the world’s first 8K panoramic camera with an integrated touch screen and an embedded android-based OS, Pilot Era, is capable of real-time in-camera stitching and direct streaming to MR experience space, screens, VR headsets, tablets, social media platforms or webpages. With the new cloud panoramic solution, Pilot Era is set to become an even more competitive choice for VR professionals.

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Join hands with Huawei “Cloud VR”

At the 2019 Huawei Connect Summit, Pisofttech signed an agreement for further cooperation with Huawei Envision Hybrid Video. Its “360 Cloud Solution” also won the 2019 Huawei Cloud VR Developer Award.

Pisofttech will exploit its resources to promote the integrated cloud solution in VR live streaming, VR training and education, VR tours, and remote inspection, etc.

“This new solution is a key step for us to bring VR live streaming into the next stage. As one of the pioneers in the panoramic field, we feel the obligation to positively involve in the growth of the industry,” said Eric Wang, CIO of Pisofttech, “we are hoping to expedite the presence of large-scale applications and bring solid benefits to various industries through this solution.”

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