Adstream Expects Inevitable Merger of TV and Digital Ad Buying To Drive Marketers Faster Toward Process Automation

As TV and Digital Markets Shift, Technology Adoption Will Allow Marketers to More Quickly Adjust to Evolving Trends

Adstream announced they are poised to move with the changing TV and digital markets, even getting out ahead of the coming changes. As a leading global provider of digital asset management, creative logistics and analytics solutions, Adstream can see over the horizon, and believes the convergence of TV advertising and digital is coming to a head in 2019.

Last month, Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail’s blog post explained how “TV’s tectonic shift just happened.” Citing changes from across the industry, as well as expected disruptions to come, including increased cord cutting, additional precision in reach, and the death of mass marketing thinking. These seismic shifts to the TV and video market point to new ways of doing business.

Adstream CRO, Geoff Hoffman agrees. “For example, we have seen standard definition (SD) sends drop to near zero in the US,” he said. “While there is still a need for SD ads in most other countries around the world, it’s not a matter of if, but when, the same drop will be realized in those regions.”

As digital evolves, so will linear TV technology. Adstream has seen an increase in requests to send in 4K in the US “Our clients frequently ask about delivering in 4K to ensure audiences consume ads as they are being produced, in native UHD. Linear and online video have been slow to support 4K ad content, but we are looking forward to this next stage of video content distribution,” said Ardit Bejko, client partnerships director for Adstream.

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But that doesn’t stop Adstream’s clients from asking. In fact, the company has run a series of pilots with broadcasters in test markets around the globe. They see the evolution happening daily within the advertising space and cite the influx of 4K TVs as one aspect of wider evidence that TV is keeping pace with digital.

At the same time, Adstream also expects TV advertising to become more data driven. A January article in eMarketer predicts that many advertising tasks, including reporting, creative placement and measurement, are likely to become more automated.

“We are preparing for a change in the market that is similar to what we saw when Adstream first began, during the tech boom. This time, however, ad tech is in a much better position to embrace the coming shifts and prepare for their ongoing impacts,” Hoffman said. “Now we are increasingly relying on automation and collaborative tools — like our asset management platform — to get the job done.”

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Adstream’s DAM platform will integrate directly with social media, including brand YouTube accounts, this month. Its One Delivery solution, which consolidates the ad delivery, automation, management and QA process into one space, is currently being rolled out around the world. One Delivery provides the opportunity to centralize the ad process even further for the customer. It goes beyond other offerings in the marketplace through end-to-end campaign and asset management with delivery to TV, social and more. Additionally, Adstream is differentiated through long-standing relationships with the “Big Four” agencies, and with global brands like Nissan, MDC partners, Craft WW and Procter & Gamble.

“As brand partners, we have seen a variety of changes over time,” Hoffman added. “We understand what our agency teams are dealing with because we have been working with them, and servicing clients globally for almost two decades. We have seen them through technology changes and innovations in the past and we will continue to be their trusted advisors as we mold and move into the future.”

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