InMobi Launches Global In-App Programmatic Exchange in EMEA to Provide Premium Mobile Ad Experiences

Enabled and Optimized for Brand Safety, Fraud Detection, Audience Verification and Viewability Measurement

InMobi, a global provider of enterprise platforms for marketers, has launched the InMobi Exchange for programmatic buyers in EuropeMiddle East and Africa (EMEA), to meet the rising demand of in-app programmatic advertising. The InMobi Exchange is one of the largest independent platforms for mobile in-app advertising, and is anchored on the company’s commitment to trust, transparency and brand safety.

The InMobi Exchange, reaching approximately 1.6 billion users across over an estimated 22,000 apps, blends both the InMobi Network and InMobi Exchange demands into a single auction. With the InMobi Exchange, advertisers and agencies can now buy both private marketplace and open exchange inventory via a single platform, allowing them to bid confidently on a broad array of placements, including video, native and display.

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The appetite to buy in-app mobile advertising programmatically continues to increase daily in EMEA. The UK remains the dominant advertising market in Western Europe, with $15.95 billion expected ad spend in 2018, with $570.48 millionexpected in France, according to eMarketer. Meanwhile, and despite Germany’s reluctance to dive into programmatic marketing, spend has grown significantly over the past two years and will be worth almost $1.55 billion by the end of 2018.

InMobi Exchange provides four layers of security for its partners through the removal of invalid ad traffic, guaranteed brand safety checks, audience verification, and viewability measurement through deep partnerships and integrations with industry leading partners.

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“The buy side is suffering from a serious lack of trust and transparency in what is being sold to them programmatically, and fraud has been one of the main drivers,” said Abhay Singhal, Co-Founder and President, Advertising Cloud at InMobi. “InMobi has consistently outperformed on industry benchmarks and we work with only the highest quality app publishers to maintain a zero tolerance policy towards fraud. This launch will accelerate our growth exponentially enabling us to capture 10-15 percent of the programmatic market by 2020.”

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