Cloud Based Video Conferencing Service Provider, IVCi, Lists Four Benefits of a Career in the AV Industry

With the technological world ever expanding through our daily lives and workplaces, there’s no doubt that the AV industry is growing by billions of dollars each year. The AV industry is not often pursued by students because of its lack of exposure as a viable career path, but there are tons of industry pulls for pursuing a career in AV technology. Cloud based video conferencing service provider, IVCi, lists four major benefits of a career in the AV industry.

  • Calling to Conceptual Problem Solvers: AV integration comes with the challenge of solving a customer’s AV set-up problems. Students who love solving complicated conceptual problems will fit right into the AV industry, fully pleased with the dynamic nature of the work they’re doing. Innovative and bright students will thrive in the AV setting, creating a functional, streamlined AV experience for clients who will be more than happy to see their ideal audio visual infrastructure come to life.
  • Working With New Technology: Innovation is the name of the game in the AV industry, and oftentimes, AV integrators are the ones that get to put their hands on the latest technologies first. New, interactive technological advancements are reshaping what AV means for companies and homes alike, and being one of the first people to familiarize yourself with these new developments and cool new products and systems is a huge pull factor to get a job in AV.

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  • A Familiar Space: Many students have grown up with the most advanced technology in their back pocket and working in the AV industry can come as a natural progression for many young individuals. Being involved and working with technology is familiar to anyone who grew up in the 2000’s, and that’s what the AV industry is all about. The AV industry can be super interesting for students looking to work with cutting-edge technology every day. These students are the most well-equipped to handle these technological innovations, since they have evolved from the familiar devices they used growing up.
  • Room for Growth: Like we said before, the AV industry is growing billions of dollars year-by-year, with every new innovation being incorporated in AV set-ups across the US and the world. AV is used everywhere, in schools, theaters, corporate high-rise office buildings, and even more now, high-end homes. AV is already integrated into everyone’s lives, and it’s only going to grow exponentially from here in scope, ability, and demand.

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These reasons above are just a handful of the various reasons a career in the AV industry could be in any passionate student’s future. Now that your interest is piqued, doing even more research into the AV world will pull you in even deeper.

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