DOSL App Provides Live, Uninterrupted, Unbiased Video Content

Chicago company provides revenue stream via on demand innovative way to ‘see’ things

Our lives have become the no touch and unseen society of now, waiting for nothing and no one. In this ever-changing world, consumers rely on media outlets to give them the latest up to date news in real-time but with cutbacks and lack of resources, capabilities are limited. One company is putting the power in the hands of the people, everyday people, and the best part, it is paid! In the current culture of side gigs, Chicago-based DOSL is giving users an opportunity to put cash in their pocket by offering a live streaming service for its clients.

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From the media, to real estate to tourism, DOSL is innovating the way consumers see the global world in real-time with a simple request. DOSL will give media outlets the chance the be the first live on the scene before their crew arrives. It will put prospective tourists live at attractions throughout the world, connect people in other locations, or check out the busyness of a destination such as the grocery store before they head out.

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So how does it work? Content consumers will create a request, it will then be sent to DOSL’s independent contractors with a simple notification and job description. They can then either choose to accept or decline to live stream, it is that simple. This premium digital broadcasting service lets average citizens share live video content and get paid. Or watch anything live at their request.

Marketing Technology News: Nextup Hires Industry Expert as Director of Marketing

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