EtherLabs Announces New Service That Re-Invents Video Calls and Communication for Slack Users

EtherLabs Announces New Service That Re-Invents Video Calls and Communication for Slack Users

EtherLabs introduces their new service, EtherMeet, a Slack-integrated system that re-invents video calls and communication using artificial intelligence.

EtherLab’s mission is simple: to improve team productivity by overcoming collaboration challenges not only over distance, but also time. Think video calls + AI meets Slack.

EtherMeet makes meetings efficient, helps control your calendar, and eliminates rework. The app uses artificial intelligence and media analytics to automatically capture, summarize, and route important parts of a call back into Slack. During the call, participants can also route important call part snippets with messages to other team members in Slack to watch, reply, or join the active call.

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EtherMeet learns who is important, and what topics and words are significant to the workspace, channel, and individual. This drives greater relevance over time for automatically summarizing discussions and distributing those important parts.

Cullen Childress, Co-Founder and CEO of EtherLabs, looks forward to how the service will enhance productivity for teams who use Slack.

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“We started EtherMeet to solve our own problem of leading distributed teams across multiple time zones. Many times our collaboration challenges weren’t about distance, it was about time.”

Childress mentions how EtherLabs fills in the gap with the absence of a team member during virtual meetings.

“We know no one in their right mind wants to watch a recording of a meeting – so we built a unique collaboration platform leveraging AI and advanced media processing that blurs the line between real time and non-real time collaboration so that context is never lost.”

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