ironSource, a leading business platform for the App Economy, announced today the launch of its unique progressive loading engine. The company is revolutionizing rewarded video by ensuring that a rewarded ad is always available and ready to play, enabling game developers who utilize ironSource’s mediation solution to improve the user experience and increase their revenue. All developers who utilize the ironSource mediation solution with SDK 7.1+ will automatically have access to this unique technology.

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Rewarded video is generally the strongest performing ad unit for game monetization, however the unique nature of the ad unit – where a player selects to see the ad in exchange for an in-game reward – often results in many ads being viewed in succession. Due to technological limitations, this causes latency and therefore user experience issues, with regards to the readiness of the subsequent ad, leaving players waiting for their next rewarded ad to load within their game. The industry is constantly looking for ways to reduce this latency, given its negative impact on user experience, retention, app ratings and revenue. ironSource’s progressive loading engine, the first of its kind, ensures that a rewarded video is always ready, waiting to be shown to a player, regardless of when the last ad was watched. This optimizes the user experience as well as giving the game a performance boost, enabling an increase in impressions, installs and ultimately revenue.

“Latency, or the lack of it, is the gold standard in ad performance and we’re proud to be the first and only mediation solution in the market to offer rewarded videos on demand,” explains Omer Kaplan, CRO and Co-Founder of ironSource. “We’re delighted to further expand the capabilities of our business platform for game developers, to help them turn their games into successful businesses by ensuring that their most profitable ad unit is serving them to the maximum. During our testing, we’ve seen an impressive improvement in UX, with up to a 20% increase in impressions and a 15% increase in revenue on some games. This is without any effort taken on the developers part – all they must do is be running with SDK 7.1 or higher.”

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