LevelJump Launches New Video Coaching Suite for Sales Onboarding on Salesforce AppExchange, the World’s Leading Enterprise Apps Marketplace

LevelJump Customers Can Now Record Webcam, Slide Deck Voiceover, and Virtual Whiteboard Videos for Sales Onboarding Directly Inside Salesforce Sales Cloud for Sales Certification and Training Programs

LevelJump announced a new suite of content creation tools for their sales onboarding software on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Customers now have the added ability to record videos directly inside Salesforce Sales Cloud and publish them in training and certification rooms on LevelJump to onboard their reps.

Practice and coaching is a key part of a sales onboarding program. Leveraging video technology, reps can now use LevelJump to record webcam pitches, slide deck presentations, and virtual whiteboard sessions to submit to managers for feedback while they’re ramping, all within their CRM. LevelJump continues to innovate and extend the value of Sales Cloud by getting reps on the platform for coaching and training processes from their first day on the job.

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Other highlights from the LevelJump app update:

  • Webcam: Record a video of yourself to practice your sales pitch, role play, or share a win story
  • Presentation: Ability to upload a document and record voice over slides to practice sales presentations
  • Whiteboard: Ability to record a virtual whiteboard on desktop or tablets to explain complex concepts and solutions

“Sales leaders want reps to understand the story, sell to the right people, and be up to speed with their latest offerings,” says David Bloom, Founder and CEO at LevelJump. “The LevelJump app on AppExchange can help reduce ramp time and improve quota performance for sales organizations.”

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“I think the secret sauce for LevelJump is the training and certifications rooms feature. Not only has it proven to be a game-changer for our new hires, but we now see existing teams leveraging it for coaching opportunities,” says Gayle Charach, Director of Enablement at Intelex Technologies. “Using videos and rooms, our new hires are beginning to articulate the messaging they are learning, which has helped them more quickly internalize the talk tracks and be customer-ready within weeks!”

LevelJump recorded 2,300% growth in MRR since 2017, adding customers like TELUS Business, Allocadia, and Intelex.

LevelJump Exhibiting at Dreamforce 2018

LevelJump is an Exhibitor sponsor at Dreamforce 2018, the most innovative software conference of the year. LevelJump is exhibiting at booth 1844 in the Dreamforce Customer Success Expo, showcasing their sales onboarding and training software, available on AppExchange, and booking appointments for sales onboarding program reviews.

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