Loom Announces Major Platform Update to Meet Growing Demand for Asynchronous Work Solutions

The reimagined Loom HQ is designed to help build cohesion and connection for hybrid teams who work from anywhere

Loom launched early access today for the next iteration of its async video platform. The redesigned, intelligent Loom HQ enables communication, collaboration, and connection at work. The new workspace includes an upgraded user experience and brand-new capabilities. It’s built to improve the way teams discover and organize content, share knowledge, and amplify community.

As many employers begin to reopen offices, it’s clear the work world has permanently changed. Seventy-four percent of U.S. companies plan to make the move to a hybrid model permanent, and 83 percent of workers say hybrid is what they want from employers1. Industry giants—including Microsoft, Atlassian, Google, and others—have invested in new roles like Heads of Remote2. As employers shed pandemic-mandated remote policies, the onus is on leadership to design and adopt brand new roles, processes, and solutions to support the modern workplace.

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Loom, which started as a frictionless way to share quick video messages, has proven exponentially more valuable when used by teams and organizations at scale. Today, more than 14 million users at over 200,000 companies are using Loom as a critical tool for productivity, cohesion, and connection among distributed teams. Today’s launch represents a major milestone in the pursuit of Loom’s mission to weave humans at work closer together with video.

”We’ve experienced incredible growth over the past few years, and we’ve seen customers use Loom and their increasing comfort with video in innovative ways. Most exciting is that we’ve only scratched the surface; video is still radically underutilized at work. TikTok, a video only social platform, became the No. 1 website in the world by traffic above Google at the end of 2021. Youtube has 2.6 billion users. Async video is the next big revolution in work communication,” said Loom CEO and Co-founder Joe Thomas.

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The new Loom HQ builds on Loom’s early libraries to offer a fully featured, intelligent workspace that’s easier and faster to use. Its core features and capabilities are based on years of listening to customer feedback and behavior. Features include:

  • Improved information discoverability. Turn casual updates into documented, scaled know-how. Leaders can accelerate productivity via self-serve access to everything from training and onboarding to product demos and project updates.
  • Seamless collaboration. New organization and engagement capabilities like #tags and @mentions make it easier to break down silos and move work forward in a unified workspace.
  • Community-driven engagement. Teams can encourage a community of sharing and cohesion. New features like trending looms and the ability to follow profiles create a shared space for serendipitous interactions and connection-building.

“We envision a workday where you have freedom and flexibility to start and end on your own time, enabled by asynchronous communication. Loom’s video HQ is designed to be an antidote to meeting fatigue leveraging async video for meeting replacement and reduction. Async video also builds human connection that the constant barrage of text based messaging of email and chat can not. The next few years will be challenging as we all figure out the version of hybrid work that works best for our companies. What rings true more than ever is that the modern workplace requires technology that scales knowledge, empowers collaboration, and builds connection — regardless of where or what timezone your team works from. The next chapter of Loom is about taking the success of an individual using asynchronous video and showing entire organizations how critical it will be to their success over the next decade,” said Thomas.

“Loom is already a significant unlock for my personal productivity and flexibility at work. The updated video hub has only expanded that impact tenfold,” said Tim Olshansky, CPTO, Zenput. “For one, I’m now discovering and stumbling upon looms I may not have otherwise seen. The result is that I am much more plugged into the knowledge, projects, and ideas surfacing throughout the organization. The insight I gain from being able to quickly and easily consume the posted looms that are most relevant to me is priceless. It evolves Loom’s impact from simply making my workday flow better into helping me work more effectively as a cross-functional teammate at scale.”

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