“RexVid” New Video Sharing App Launches

RexVid, a new video-sharing app designed to celebrate special occasions, launched March 1 and is available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

The RexVid app allows users to compile and send group video messages that can be saved and shared on social media. CEO and founder Jamie Page got the idea when he was reviewing a box of birthday cards in late 2017. It dawned on Page that there had to be a better way for people to connect on special occasions than by spending five dollars on a greeting card with generic sayings.

The RexVid App allows customers to string together and send video messages

The RexVid app allows multiple people to collaborate with short videos for any occasion. Users simply record their video greeting in the app, which stitches together each collaborator’s video received and texts the recipient when the final video card is ready to be seen.

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“RexVid is a natural fit for the world we live in,” said Page. “Imagine getting a heartfelt video from family and friends on your birthday, hearing their voices and seeing their smiles. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new baby, or just a nice way to let somebody know the group is thinking about them. It’s much more personal than a card.”

Recipients of RexVid videos don’t need to have the app to be sent a video greeting. They’ll receive a text message with a link that allows them to download the app and watch the video. There is no limit to how many people can collaborate on each video, and the videos can be saved on devices and stored in the RexVid app.

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“No one used to know what, ‘Google it’ meant,” said Andy Eckert, RexVid Chief Marketing Officer. “I want to turn RexVid into a global verb. I want people to say, ‘Just RexVid it’ when thinking about sending congratulations, thank yous, or well wishes instead of wasting money on a card someone will just throw away. This app has a ‘cool’ factor, and most importantly it makes people feel loved.”

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