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Global Native Advertising Market Set to Be Worth over $400 Billion by 2025

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ADYOULIKE, the leading in-feed Native Advertising technology, has released in-depth research forecasting the global growth of the native advertising market to 2025.

Analysis of overall digital ad spend growth, combined with native advertising trends per market, globally, has revealed that native advertising spend is expected to increase by 372% from 2020 to 2025. This represents an increase in the native advertising market from $85.83 Billion in 2020 to a total global value of $402 Billion by 2025.

The US will continue to be the biggest native advertising market by 2025, up from $29.56 Billion in 2020, to $139.5 Billion by 2025. The market in Western Europe is predicted to grow to be worth $92.37 Billion by 2025, with the UK, Germany and France predicted to be the biggest native advertising markets. The UK market will be the largest native advertising market in Europe, estimated to grow from $5.81 Billion in 2020 to $27.42 Billion by 2025. Meanwhile Germany will increase from $4.43 Billion to $20.90Bn by 2025. France will increase from $2.03Bn in 2020 to an estimated global value of $9.58 Billion by 2025.

Central to the growth in advertising spend on native up to 2025 is the proliferation of infeed native, often referred to as native display, which will continue to be driven over the coming years by programmatic native and wider use of outstream native video advertising formats.

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This form of native advertising, with strong mobile, programmatic and video distribution credentials is anticipated to continue to drive native advertising growth in the years to come. According to eMarketer, two-thirds of all programmatic ad dollars will go to mobile, not desktop ads, by 2020. In addition, 83.6% of all digital video ad dollars in the US, will move via automated channels in the next twelve months. These major trends in digital advertising buying habits augur well for all things native.

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Julien Verdier, CEO, ADYOULIKE, comments;

“We are entering a new phase in native advertising’s journey – universal acceptance and global domination. Our research shows major increases in native advertising spend in all continent’s globally. The value of infeed native advertising formats is now undisputed. Advertisers are increasingly recognising the value of the format and the performance for most campaigns backs out, which is why native is predicted to experience significant annual growth rates every year globally up to 2025.

“Thanks to continued technical innovation, easily traded programmatically, with video and display capabilities, the future is strong for native ads in general. Native advertising will be the number one digital advertising format of the 2020s. Our research and wider market trends back this up. We are excited to share with the market our findings.”

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