TechBytes with Iban Borras Serret, CTO, Sales Layer

Iban Borras Serret, CTO, Sales Layer

Tell us a little bit about your role at SalesLayer.

My role at Sales Layer is taking care of the product’s quality, to stay on course with our vision and to ensure technological coherence in the long term.

What are the core tenets of Sales Layer’s PIM platform?

The simplicity of its use. Sales Layer is designed to be used by people without previous database management knowledge. Also its plasticity: Sales Layer needs to be adaptable to the various complexities of our clients’ catalogs, who operate in a large variety of industries. Lastly, the quickness: when importing, modifying or exporting data, it has to be as fast, simple and as efficient as possible.

What the top three best practices that PIM users should leverage to drive customer satisfaction?

  • Use the power Sales Layer to improve product information. This is really important so that consumers don’t drop off the shopping cart due to any insecurities about the products.
  • Quickly update any changes in product information to keep the catalog accurate.
  • Quickly distribute the product information through our multichannel system, which is really easy to configure.

What is the one piece of advice you have for B2B marketers in 2018?

To always be on the customers’ side. Understand their problems, suffer them together, and be agile in terms of finding technological solutions, which add true value. Also, automate inefficient processes.

How can B2B firms leverage catalog management to drive ROMI?

In a world as connected as it is today, the final consumer of our clients’ products is divided between purchasing platforms, e-commerce, non-physical markets and all this, in most of the cases, in the palm of their hands thanks to smartphones.

Which aspect of Sales Analytics do technology firms tend to overlook the most and why?

Here the problem is understanding the complexity of what they mean. There’s a lot of room for improvement in this area to make sure that this information is something fundamental for our customers.

What startups are you watching/keen on right now?

Taking into account that I live as if I were in a cave, I just can say that one of the few things that takes me away from my screen is Space X.

What does Sale Layer’s MarTech stack currently consist of?

Basically, we use HubSpot, which is connected to Salesforce, as well as Intercom to have global management of our customers.

Could you tell us about a standout digital campaign?

This is, in fact, not my area of expertise. It would be better to talk to our team of experts who specialize in this.

How do you prepare for an AI-centric world as a business leader

At Sales Layer, since the very beginning, we have had a clear focus on the accuracy of information. In that sense, AI is going to be a key tool in three areas:

  1. An intelligent understanding of product data to find and correct mistakes.
  2. A global analysis of quality.
  3. A search of consumer patterns to add feedback for improvement.

What apps/software/tools can’t you live without?

I come from fine arts, and though this environment is now unfamiliar, something that remains engraved in my head is that the tool is not the most important thing. There are some really useful ones though: GIT, Trello, Intercom, Tracking time, etc. Everything interconnected.

Thank you, Iban for speaking to MarTech Series!

Entrepreneur specialized in design, DTP and web programming in multiple languages. He is currently the CTO of Sales Layer, a B2B start-up accelerated by Plug and Play. He has extensive experience in launching technological and social projects such as, Reset Spain, Ziudad, Spinmeets, and iWeekend.

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Sales Layer is a Product Information Manager in the cloud that centralizes product information and synchronizes it in all sales channels automatically (print, web, mobile, product feeds for retailers…) Forget about inefficient spreadsheets, with Sales Layer you can upload the information that you have in whatever format you have. Only with a simply click!

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