uStudio Expands Enterprise Portfolio

uStudio Will Provide Symantec a Comprehensive and Scalable Media Solution

uStudio, Inc., the industry’s leading media platform for the enterprise, announced that Symantec, the world’s largest cybersecurity company, has selected the uStudio platform to boost employee and customer communication.

Interactive media experiences leveraging video, audio, and VR are playing an increasingly strategic role in business — redefining how companies engage and educate their employees, partners, and customers alike.

uStudio will provide Symantec a comprehensive and scalable media solution, allowing the company to manage, deliver and measure rich interactive experiences across live streaming and video-on-demand. The partnership will ensure video is everywhere it needs to be within Symantec, and easier than ever to use.

uStudio Expands Enterprise Portfolio
Jen Grogono

“Video is the language of today. It’s giving business leaders a new way to think about their conversations with company stakeholders. Innovators like Symantec understand this and are making digital media conversations a natural part of the way modern teams work together inside and outside of corporate walls. We’re fortunate to partner with them to capture the value of media across the enterprise,” said uStudio CEO, Jen Grogono.

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uStudio is purpose-built for companies looking to redefine the way they communicate. The company’s patented platform helps teams organize audio and video files and deliver them across a suite of innovative applications for live streaming, podcasting, and on-demand portals. Additionally, uStudio ensures that media is exposed within existing business applications including Salesforce, Oracle, and Adobe Experience Manager. Advanced audience analytics provide insights into how media consumption impacts sales, service, and marketing.

uStudio’s patented, cloud-based media platform helps the world’s leading companies reinvent the way they use media across their businesses. From live streaming to VOD, podcasting, media management, and core process and system integration, uStudio helps market leaders such as Universal Music, Kohl’s, and Alcon Novartis use media to deliver speed, scale and competitive advantage.

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